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Playboy Bunnies: Where Are They Now?

Obsev ‘s recent “Playboy Bunnies: Where Are They Now?” mixes some well known alumni with some of the more obscure playmates. In a clever turn, several bunnies recreated their covers and these are placed side by side with the originals.

While most people know where Shannon Tweed, Jenny McCarthy and Barbie Benton have been, it’s interesting to see the career arcs of standouts like Marylin Cole (Lownes), Candace Collins and Cathy St George. One bunny gave birth to a Victoria’s Secret model, proving that genetics are important. There’s even a shot of a scantily clad 82 year old Dolores Del Monte, proving the courage to bare it all never dies.

In conclusion, it’s definitely worth a quick read.


The Playboy Club is Back!

It’s great news that the Playboy Club is Back!

I ran across this article announcing the good news:

It reads as follows:

“Sexual politics may have shifted a lot since 1962, when the original Playboy Club of New York opened in Midtown, but nearly 60 years later, the promise of bunnies and bottles still sells.

The new Playboy Club opens today, with an atmosphere that screams “sophisticated” rather than seedy. The iconic brand, which in the year since Hugh Hefner’s death has featured the first transgender playmate in the magazine’s history, seems to be getting with the times, while keeping up its famously irreverent reputation – just take a look at the Fashion Week bash Jeremy Scott just hosted there. (Then again, don’t expect Gloria Steinem to be popping into the place anytime soon.)

Playboy Club Interior shows lights, booth, bunny image

A partnership between Merchants Hospitality and Playboy Enterprises, the multifaceted venue boasts a high-end cocktail and culinary menu, curated by Nobu veteran Richie Notar and mixologist and master sommelier Fred Dex, with offerings including Wagyu Miyazaki Steak and Spanish Turbot Meuniere. The dimly lit space, which is decked out in luxe interiors worthy of a certain red velvet smoking jacket, also contains secret hideaways, lounges, and event spaces for VIP members and guests. FYI, an all-access membership will run you about $100,000 a year – though they start at $5,000.

Besides, of course, the bunnies-in-residence (whose signature costumes are complemented by accessories by Roberto Cavalli), notable features of the new hot spot include a Playboy Gallery displaying 65 years’ worth of unseen images and artwork, a 600-gallon exotic aquarium with a hand-sculpted, bunny head reef at the tank’s center, a one-of-a-kind backgammon table, an ornate oval bar, and a subterranean speakeasy spanning three underground levels.

This certainly isn’t your grandfather’s Playboy Club – we mean, hopefully.

Click through for your first look inside!”

Playboy Club New York,  512 West 42nd Street

[Photos courtesy Playboy Club New York][Photo by Carl Timpone/]

Dorothy Stratten Playboy Bunny

The Dorothy Stratten Story, Looking Back at the Death of an Era

(Click on any of the item links to see if they are available for purchase)

The tragic story of Dorothy Stratten (born as Dorothy Hoogstraten), started in a Dairy Queen in Vancover, B.C. when she was discovered by Paul Snider, and ended on a fateful August day in 1980, at the hands of the same man.  If Charles Manson was the man who murdered the 60’s, it could equally be said that Snider was the man who destroyed the 70’s, and most people don’t even know his name.

The children of the free love era of the late 60’s had grown up and won the sexual revolution.  Playboy magazine had long been sounding the herald call, and when the 70’s arrived Playboy was riding high.  1978 was Playboy’s Silver Anniversary and a contest was announced to find the silver anniversary playmate.  The winner would get $25,000.00 and the honor of being the anniversary centerfold.

Hugh Heffner at a Playboy Party in 1978 Publisher Hugh Hefner was hosting nearly non-stop parties at the mansion during ’78,  and the elite of Hollywood were in attendance.  It was a private party, where “What happens here, stays here” was the rule long before Las Vegas adopted the slogan.  Hefner had no way of knowing that the girl who would change his life and the lives of several other power brokers was waiting unaware in a Dairy Queen over 1000 miles north.

Dorothy Stratten Yearbook Photo

Dorothy Hoogstraten, had grown up as caretaker for her younger siblings in a single parent home.  At 5’9″ she was a tall girl who always felt awkward about her height and looks.  Her peers knew she was beautiful but Dorothy didn’t feel like a beauty queen.  At 17, she took a job at a local Dairy Queen to help her mother pay the bills.  It was there she would have a fateful meeting with Paul Snider.  Snider was a small time hustler known as “The Jewish Pimp”.  He worked, and hustled his girls in the same area where Stratten worked.  He first met her in 1977 and starting working on getting her to pose nude for him.  He believed that he had found his ticket to the big leagues in the strikingly beautiful young girl.  When Dorothy finally relented, Snider shot a series of photographs and sent them to Playboy (after forging her mother’s signature on the model release form) .Paul Snider The man who murdered Dorothy Stratten

 In short order the magazine had Dorothy flown to Los Angeles for a test shoot, and interview with Hefner at the mansion.  She would not be chosen 25th Anniversary Playmate, that honor would go to 22 year old Candy Loving.  But Hefner was taken with Dorothy, seeing her as the “Ultimate Girl Next Door”.  He signed her to a contract with the magazine to be the August 1979 Playmate, and gave her a job at the Playboy Club in the Beverly Hills adjacent Century City.  Dorothy was truly a naive small town girl swept up in the whirlwind that was Playboy Enterprises.

Playboy Magazine August 1979 Featuring Dorothy StrattenJune 1980 Playboy Magazine Dorothy Stratten Playmate of the YearMay 1981 Playboy Magazine Featuring Dorothy StrattenDorothy Stratten Playboy Bunny

Paul Snider was at once elated that his meal ticket had cashed in.  He joined Dorothy in LA, and became a frequent guest at the Playboy mansion.  From the beginning two things were clear.  Hefner didn’t like Paul Snider, and Snider deeply wanted to be liked.   It was Snider’s dream to be part of the LA scene, to be a power broker.  But all he had was Dorothy, and the extent of what he could offer her ended when the first set of photos were mailed to the Playboy offices.  It didn’t take long for Snider to realize that he wasn’t liked.  The Jewish Pimp, was a thorn in everyone’s side.  He showed up at the Playboy mansion repeatedly, and frequently called Dorothy and the photographer she was working with 10-15 times a day.  At one point a Playboy photographer even told Paul he should model, and took a series of photos of him, just to placate him and stop the harassment.

The shoots for playmates at that time ran on a schedule of several months of photography prior to getting the prints retouched and ready for publication.  As soon as Snider realized Dorothy’s career was really going to happen, he proposed.  It seemed he thought this was the best way to keep control of her and keep Playboy from cutting him out of the picture.  They were married on June 1st 1979 in Las Vegas.  Wedding Photo of Dorothy Stratten and Paul SniderPaul began apartment hunting.  He wanted to live on the west side.  He figured it would be a shorter move to Brentwood, Westwood or the Holmby Hills once he had made his fortune.   He found an apartment at 10881 Clarkson Rd, right beside the 405 freeway.The House Where Dorothy Stratten was Murdered

Dorothy’s stardom was on a  jet powered track.   Contacts she made through Playboy lead to immediate film and TV roles.  She would appear on Americathon, Skatetown USA, Fantasy Island, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and Autumn Born.  She then landed her first staring role as the title character in the Sci-fi spoof “Galaxina”.  It was a supporting role in the Peter Bogdanovich film “They All Laughed” that would change her life and set in motion the gears that would lead to her demise.   After meeting Dorothy at a Playboy Mansion party, Bogdanovich decided to rewrite and expand a supporting role just for her.  The film would be shooting in New York, which meant Dorothy would be away during the filming.  This was a catalyst for Snider’s control issues with Dorothy.

It was clear that Stratten and Snider were heading in opposite directions.   Snider still had no permit to work in the US.  With several partners, he founded the Chippendales male strip show, however when the project took off, the partners quickly found a way to cut out the abrasive Snider.  At the same time Dorothy had been named Playmate of the Year for 1980.  Snider famously purchased a Mercedes convertible with the vanity license “Star 80” as he believed Dorothy would prove to be the biggest star of the year.  Of course the car, like everything else Snider had, was purchased with Dorothy’s money.

Americathon Film Featuring Dorothy Stratten    Dorothy Stratten in GalaxinaDorothy Stratten Film Autumn Born They All Laughed Film Starring Dorothy Stratten

Bogdanovich had fallen deeply in love with Dorothy, and she found in him a lover, a mentor and a father figure.  It might be more accurate to label him as a Svengali.  He arranged for Dorothy to spend a lot more time in New York, and soon they were sharing a hotel suite.  Back in LA, Snider had designed a prototype “Sex/Bondage Chair” that he was inspired to build after visiting “The Pleasure Chest”, an adult store on Santa Monica Blvd.  When he returned to the store with his prototype, it was firmly rejected.  He tried several other avenues but struck out each time.   It was then Snider’s attention turned back to Dorothy full time.   He hired a private investigator to follow her, and soon had his suspicions confirmed.  She was having an affair with Bogdanovich.  When Snider confronted her with the knowledge, she informed him that she wanted a divorce.  With filming over, she had returned to LA and immediately moved in with Bogdanovich.Dorothy Stratten with Peter Bogdanovich

On August 14th, 1980 she set up a meeting with Snider to discuss terms for their divorce.  She did not tell Bogdanovich where she was going.  On the way her younger sister, who was going to accompany her to the meeting, changed her mind and was dropped off at the beach.  Stratten promised to return for her by 2pm.  Shortly after noon, her Mercury Cougar parked in front of the Clarkson Rd. apartment.  No one knows what the exact chain of events were on that afternoon.  After knocking repeatedly with no response, Snider’s roommate opened the door to Snider’s part of the apartment and found Stratten dead of a gunshot wound to the head, and Snider also deceased by means of suicide with the same weapon.  Police found evidence of brutal sexual assault on Stratten both perimortem and postmortem.  Hair and tape removed from the bondage chair indicated that Stratten was bound to it during some part of the event.  In a bizarre twist of fate, Snider’s family would receive all of Dorothy’s assets, since they were still married and she proceeded him in death.

Dorothy's Mercury Cougar Parked at the House where she died

Bogdanovich and Hefner were both devastated by the loss.  Bogdanovich still had a film to edit, with Dorothy as a main character.   He spent countless dark hours in the editing room watching her as he edited the film.  It was released one year to the day after her death, and was not commercially successful.   Bogdanovich and Hefner each blamed the other for Dorothy’s death.  Bogdanovich would author a book, “The Killing of the Unicorn” in which he outlined his case for blaming Hugh Hefner.   Shortly after the release of the book Hefner would suffer a stroke.  He blamed stress caused by the book’s release for his health problems.  He later held a press conference explaining why he felt Bogdanovich was responsible, and explaining that keeping his silence had lead to his stroke.  Bogdanovich began spending a lot of time with Dorothy’s family.  In 1988, he would marry Dorothy’s sister, Louise, who was 20 at the time.  Louise had a deep streak of survivors guilt, believing if she had not chosen to be dropped of at the beach, Snider wouldn’t have gone through with his plans.  The couple divorced in 2001.The Killing of the Unicorn Dorothy Stratten by Peter Bogdanovich

In death, Dorothy became more influential than she had been in life.  In the early 1980’s “The Moral Majority”, led by the Reverend Jerry Falwell and endorsed by President Ronald Reagan,  would become a major influence in the direction of the country.  They seized on the Stratten story as proof of how a “Corrupt Lifestyle” had exploited and ultimately killed this simple girl next door.  This would all be part of a domino effect, seeing the closing of all of the Playboy clubs, and the end of the sexual revolution era.

Dorothy’s life story was portrayed on TV in “Death of a Centerfold” starring Jamie Lee Curtis, and in the Bob Fosse film “Star 80” staring Mariel Hemingway.   The film had its own controversy as Hemingway chose to get breast implants in order to play the large breasted Stratten.  This was heralded as another example of a sex culture run amok.  Fellow Canadian, Brian Adams, would co-author two songs about Stratten.  The first, “Cover Girl” became a hit for the band Prism, and the second “The Best was Yet to Come” appeared on Adam’s album “Cuts Like a Knife”.  It would also be covered by singer Laura Branigan.

Death of a Centerfold Starring Jamie Lee Curtis as Dorothy Stratten  Star 80 Starring Mariel Hemingway as Dorothy Stratten Dorothy Stratten The Untold Story

With one savage, selfish act, a small time hustler would become the flame that incinerated an era.  Snider became the power broker he always wanted to be, changing the lives of industry titans, he just didn’t live to see it.

Dorothy Stratten's Grave Stone

Penthouse Pets 2000-2016 A Visual Guide

Penthouse Pets 2000-2016

The 2000s marked the beginning of the end for Penthouse.  Guccione’s long time companion, wife and business partner, Kathy Keaton died of breast cancer.  She had been a firm hand on the tiller of the magazine since the 1960s and without her guidance, Guccioni lost direction, and it seemed the passion to continue.   It was odd for a man who so loved technology to so completely miss the cues regarding the internet.  Penthouse was VERY late to the party online, and by the time they arrived there was little money left to be made.  The empire Guccioni and Keaton had built folded and eventually was sold.  The current info is that Penthouse will continue as an online only entity.  Presented here is our list of the  the last Penthouse Pets in print.

 2000 Pet of the Year Juliet Cariaga

Nicole Marciano /Joey McKenzie - January Penthouse Pet 2000
Nicole Marciano /Joey McKenzie – January

Tera Patrick - February Penthouse Pet 2000
Tera Patrick – February

Kyla Cole - March Penthouse Pet 2000
Kyla Cole – March

Cristi Taylor - April Penthouse Pet 2000
Cristi Taylor – April

Nikki Anderson - May Penthouse Pet 2000
Nikki Anderson – May

Tracie Carmichael - June Penthouse Pet 2000
Tracie Carmichael – June

Megan Mason - July Penthouse Pet 2000
Megan Mason – July

Orchidea Keresztes - August Penthouse Pet 2000
Orchidea Keresztes – August

Aria Giovanni - September Penthouse Pet 2000
Aria Giovanni – September

Linn Thomas - October Penthouse Pet 2000
Linn Thomas – October

Mercedes Lynn - November Penthouse Pet 2000
Mercedes Lynn – November

Suzette Spencer - December Penthouse Pet 2000
Suzette Spencer – December

2001 Pet of the Year Zdeňka Podkapová

Devon- January Penthouse Pet 2001
Devon- January

Judith Devine - February Penthouse Pet 2001
Judith Devine – February

Sunny Leone - March Penthouse Pet 2001
Sunny Leone – March

Tyler Reed - April Penthouse Pet 2001
Tyler Reed – April

Kelle Marie - May Penthouse Pet 2001
Kelle Marie – May

Briana Banks -June Penthouse Pet 2001
Briana Banks -June

Alex Arden - July Penthouse Pet 2001
Alex Arden – July

Ava Vincent (Jewel Valmont) - August Penthouse Pet 2001
Ava Vincent (Jewel Valmont) – August

Stephanie Wood - September Penthouse Pet 2001
Stephanie Wood – September

Teanna Kai - October Penthouse Pet 2001
Teanna Kai – October

Melissa Starr - November Penthouse Pet 2001
Melissa Starr – November

Cheyenne Silver - December Penthouse Pet 2001
Cheyenne Silver – December

2002 Pet of the Year Megan Mason

Karri Jacobs - January Penthouse Pet 2002
Karri Jacobs – January

Kyli Ryan - February Penthouse Pet 2002
Kyli Ryan – February

Courtney Taylor - March Penthouse Pet 2002
Courtney Taylor – March

Hannah Harper - April Penthouse Pet 2002
Hannah Harper – April

Clara Morgane - May Penthouse Pet 2002
Clara Morgane – May

Victoria Zdrok (Dr. Z) - June Penthouse Pet 2002
Victoria Zdrok (Dr. Z) – June

Nadia Vasi - July Penthouse Pet 2002
Nadia Vasi – July

Jordan West - August Penthouse Pet 2002
Jordan West – August

Jassie Lewis - September Penthouse Pet 2002
Jassie Lewis – September

Monique Hajkova - October Penthouse Pet 2002
Monique Hajkova – October

Natalia Cruze (Sophia Santi)- November Penthouse Pet 2002
Natalia Cruze (Sophia Santi)- November

Kira Kener (Stephanie Knain) December Penthouse Pet 2002
Kira Kener (Stephanie Knain) December

2003 Pet of the Year Sunny Leone

Martina Warren - January Penthouse Pet 2003
Martina Warren – January

Dominique Dane - February Penthouse Pet 2003
Dominique Dane – February

Lilly Ann - March Penthouse Pet 2003
Lilly Ann – March

Jana Cova - April Penthouse Pet 2003
Jana Cova – April

Victoria Bonne - April Penthouse Pet 2003
Victoria Bonne – May

Lanny Barbie - June Penthouse Pet 2003
Lanny Barbie – June

Silver Moon - July Penthouse Pet 2003
Silver Moon – July

Sandra Shine - August Penthouse Pet 2003
Sandra Shine – August

Chantelle Fontain - September Penthouse Pet 2003
Chantelle Fontain – September


This is the month it was announced that Penthouse

was for sale, and eventually would

be purchased by FriendFinder

Anais Alexander - November Penthouse Pet 2003
Anais Alexander – November

Aneta Smrhova - December Penthouse Pet 2003
Aneta Smrhova – December

2004 Pet of the Year Victoria Zdrok

Jenna Jameson - January Penthouse Pet 2004
Jenna Jameson – January


Kimber Lee - March Penthouse Pet 2004
Kimber Lee – March

Jesse Capelli - April Penthouse Pet 2004
Jesse Capelli – April

Brigitta Kocsis - May Penthouse Pet 2004
Brigitta Kocsis – May

Tylar Jacobs - June Penthouse Pet 2004
Tylar Jacobs – June

Svetla Lubova - June Penthouse Pet 2004
Svetla Lubova – July

Montana Bay - August Penthouse Pet 2004
Montana Bay – August

Ginger Jolie - September Penthouse Pet 2004
Ginger Jolie – September

Prinzzess - October Penthouse Pet 2004
Prinzzess – October

Peach - November Penthouse Pet 2004
Peach – November

Ashley Roberts - December Penthouse Pet 2004
Ashley Roberts – December

2005 Pet of the Year Martina Warren

Jamie Lynn - January Penthouse Pet 2005
Jamie Lynn – January

Avery Adams - February Penthouse Pet 2005
Avery Adams – February Penthouse Pet 2005

Crystal Klein- March Penthouse Pet 2005
Crystal Klein- March

Cassia Riley - April Penthouse Pet 2005
Cassia Riley – April

Lucie Theodorová - May Penthouse Pet 2005
Lucie Theodorová – May

Valentina Vaughn - June Penthouse Pet 2005
Valentina Vaughn – June

Celeste Star - July Penthouse Pet 2005
Celeste Star – July

Paris Dahl - August Penthouse Pet 2005
Paris Dahl – August

Gina Austin - September Penthouse Pet 2005
Gina Austin – September

Melissa Jacobs - October Penthouse Pet 2005
Melissa Jacobs – October

Renee Diaz - November Penthouse Pet 2005
Renee Diaz – November

Bella Starr - December Penthouse Pet 2005
Bella Starr – December

2006 Pet of the Year Jamie Lynn

Heather Vandeven - January Penthouse Pet 2006
Heather Vandeven – January

Charlie Laine - February Penthouse Pet 2006
Charlie Laine – February

Jennifer Emerson - March Penthouse Pet 2006
Jennifer Emerson – March

Krista Ayne - April Penthouse Pet 2006
Krista Ayne – April

Nevaeh - May Penthouse Pet 2006
Nevaeh – May

Shay Laren - June Penthouse Pet 2006
Shay Laren – June

Alexandria Karlsen - July Penthouse Pet 2006
Alexandria Karlsen – July

Olivia Kent - August Penthouse Pet 2006
Olivia Kent – August

Michelle Ramos -September Penthouse Pet 2006
Michelle Ramos -September

Kimberley Rogers - October Penthouse Pet 2006
Kimberley Rogers – October

Brea Lynn - November Penthouse Pet 2006
Brea Lynn – November

Hanna Hilton - December Penthouse Pet 2006
Hanna Hilton – December

2007 Pet of the Year Heather Vandeven

Erica Ellyson - January Penthouse Pet 2007
Erica Ellyson – January

Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Gregory Clifford) - February Penthouse Pet 2007
Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Gregory Clifford) – February

Betcee May - March Penthouse Pet 2007
Betcee May – March

Erica Campbell - April Penthouse Pet 2007
Erica Campbell – April

Andie Valentino - May Penthouse Pet 2007
Andie Valentino – May

Kimberly Williams - June Penthouse Pet 2007
Kimberly Williams – June

Sasha Grey (Marina Ann Hantzis) -July Penthouse Pet 2007
Sasha Grey (Marina Ann Hantzis) -July

Jana Jordan - August Penthouse Pet 2007
Jana Jordan – August

Justine Joli - September Penthouse Pet 2007
Justine Joli – September

Lux Kassidy - October Penthouse Pet 2007
Lux Kassidy – October

Jaime Hammer - November Penthouse Pet 2007
Jaime Hammer – November

Adrienne Manning - December Penthouse Pet 2007
Adrienne Manning – December

2008 Pet of the Year Erica Ellyson

Taya Parker - January Penthouse Pet 2008
Taya Parker – January

Cali Taylor - February Penthouse Pet 2008
Cali Taylor – February

Bree Olson (Rachel Marie Oberlin) - March Penthouse Pet 2008
Bree Olson (Rachel Marie Oberlin) – March

Alektra Blue - April Penthouse Pet 2008
Alektra Blue – April

Alexis Love - May Penthouse Pet 2008
Alexis Love – May

Daisy Marie - May Penthouse Pet 2008
Daisy Marie – June

Shawna Leneé - June Penthouse Pet 2008
Shawna Leneé – July

Jessica Jaymes - July Penthouse Pet 2008
Jessica Jaymes – August

Kayden Kross - September Penthouse Pet 2008
Kayden Kross – September

Justene Jaro - October Penthouse Pet 2008
Justene Jaro – October

Audrey Bitoni - November Penthouse Pet 2008
Audrey Bitoni – November

Tori Black - December Penthouse Pet 2008
Tori Black – December

2009 Pet of the Year Taya Parker

Teagan Presley (Ashley Ann Erickson) - January Penthouse Pet 2009
Teagan Presley (Ashley Ann Erickson) – January

Lexi Blade - February Penthouse Pet 2009
Lexi Blade – February

Rebeca Linares - March Penthouse Pet 2009
Rebeca Linares – March

Veronica Ricci - April Penthouse Pet 2009
Veronica Ricci – April

Lexxi Tyler - May Penthouse Pet 2009
Lexxi Tyler – May

Kagney Linn Karter - June Penthouse Pet 2009
Kagney Linn Karter – June

Tenaya - July/August Penthouse Pet 2009
Tenaya – July/August

Tenaya - July/August Penthouse Pet 2009
Tenaya – July/August

Taylor Vixen - September Penthouse Pet 2009
Taylor Vixen – September

Ryan Keely - October Penthouse Pet 2009
Ryan Keely – October

Yumi Kai - November Penthouse Pet 2009
Yumi Kai – November

Jayden Cole - December Penthouse Pet 2009
Jayden Cole – December

2010 Pet of the Year Taylor Vixen

Jessica Wilson - January Penthouse Pet 2010
Jessica Wilson – January

Heidi Baron - February Penthouse Pet 2010
Heidi Baron – February

Jelena Jensen - March Penthouse Pet 2010
Jelena Jensen – March

Nikki Benz - April Penthouse Pet 2010
Nikki Benz – April

Roxanna - May Penthouse Pet 2010
Roxanna – May

Eva Angelina - June Penthouse Pet 2010
Eva Angelina – June

Lela Star - July Penthouse Pet 2010
Lela Star – July

Mckenzee Miles - August Penthouse Pet 2010
Mckenzee Miles – August

Isis Taylor - September Penthouse Pet 2010
Isis Taylor – September

Nina James - October Penthouse Pet 2010
Nina James – October

Phoenix Marie - November Penthouse Pet 2010
Phoenix Marie – November

Sabrina Maree - December Penthouse Pet 2010
Sabrina Maree – December

2011 Pet of the Year Nikki Benz

Breanne Benson - January Penthouse Pet 2011
Breanne Benson – January

Jewels Jade - February Penthouse Pet 2011
Jewels Jade – February

Ella Milano - March Penthouse Pet 2011
Ella Milano – March

Franceska Jaimes - April Penthouse Pet 2011
Franceska Jaimes – April

Tasha Reign - May Penthouse Pet 2011
Tasha Reign – May

Eden Adams - June Penthouse Pet 2011
Eden Adams – June

Kiara Diane - July Penthouse Pet 2011
Kiara Diane – July

Georgia Jones -August Penthouse Pet 2011
Georgia Jones -August

Emily Addison - September Penthouse Pet 2011
Emily Addison – September

Jenna Rose - October Penthouse Pet 2011
Jenna Rose – October

Malena Morgan - November Penthouse Pet 2011
Malena Morgan – November

Natasha Nice - December Penthouse Pet 2011
Natasha Nice – December

2012 Pet of the Year Jenna Rose

Dani Daniels - January Penthouse Pet 2012
Dani Daniels – January

Brett Rossi - February Penthouse Pet 2012
Brett Rossi – February

Chanel Preston - October Penthouse Pet 1992
Chanel Preston – October and March

Gina Lynn - April Penthouse Pet 2012
Gina Lynn – April

Angela Sommers - May Penthouse Pet 2012
Angela Sommers – May

Alexis Ford - June Penthouse Pet 2012
Alexis Ford – June

Heather Starlet - July Penthouse Pet 2012
Heather Starlet – July

Nicole Aniston (Ashley Nicole Miller) - August Penthouse Pet 2012
Nicole Aniston (Ashley Nicole Miller) – August

Ainsley Addison - September Penthouse Pet 2012
Ainsley Addison – September

Samantha Saint - October Penthouse Pet 2012
Samantha Saint – October

Adrianna Luna - November Penthouse Pet 2012
Adrianna Luna – November

Lily Love - December Penthouse Pet 2012
Lily Love – December

2013 Pet of the Year Nicole Aniston

Marica Hase - January Penthouse Pet 2013
Marica Hase – January

Laly Vallade - February Penthouse Pet 2013
Laly Vallade – February

Presley Hart - March Penthouse Pet 2013
Presley Hart – March

Whitney Westgate - April Penthouse Pet 2013
Whitney Westgate – April

Lexi Belle - May Penthouse Pet 2013
Lexi Belle – May

Hayden Hawkens - June Penthouse Pet 2013
Hayden Hawkens – June

Natalia Starr - July Penthouse Pet 2013
Natalia Starr – July

Natasha Starr - August Penthouse Pet 2013
Natasha Starr – August

Capri Cavanni - September Penthouse Pet 2013
Capri Cavanni – September

Kortney Kane - October Penthouse Pet 2013
Kortney Kane – October

Valentina Nappi - November Penthouse Pet 2013
Valentina Nappi – November

Brea Bennett - December Penthouse Pet 2013
Brea Bennett – December

2014 Pet of the Year Lexi Belle

Allie Haze - January Penthouse Pet 2014
Allie Haze – January

Victoria Lynn - February Penthouse Pet 2014
Victoria Lynn – February

Bree Daniels - March Penthouse Pet 2014
Bree Daniels – March

Ryan Ryans - April Penthouse Pet 2014
Ryan Ryans – April

Jasmine Caro - May Penthouse Pet 2014
Jasmine Caro – May

Jessie Andrews - May Penthouse Pet 2014
Jessie Andrews – June

Skin Diamond (Raylin Christensen) - July
Skin Diamond (Raylin Christensen) – July

Layla Sin - August Penthouse Pet 2014
Layla Sin – August

Jessi June - September Penthouse Pet 2014
Jessi June – September

Aidra Fox - October Penthouse Pet 2014
Aidra Fox – October

Ariana Marie - November Penthouse Pet 2014
Ariana Marie – November

Misty Stone - December Penthouse Pet 2014
Misty Stone – December

2015 Pet of the Year Layla Sin

Aspen Rae - January Penthouse Pet 2015
Aspen Rae – January

Kenna James - February Penthouse Pet 2015
Kenna James – February

Ava Dalush - March Penthouse Pet 2015
Ava Dalush – March

Aleksa Slusarchi - April Penthouse Pet 2015
Aleksa Slusarchi – April

Kendra Sunderland - May Penthouse Pet 2015
Kendra Sunderland – May

Jenna Ivory - June Penthouse Pet 2015
Jenna Ivory – June

Tomi Taylor - July Penthouse Pet 2015
Tomi Taylor – July

Samantha Bentley - August Penthouse Pet 2015
Samantha Bentley – August

Jenna Reid - September Penthouse Pet 2015
Jenna Reid – September

Lee Ann Lee - October Penthouse Pet 2015
Lee Ann – October

Bailey Rayne - November Penthouse Pet 2015
Bailey Rayne – November

Alex Grey - December Penthouse Pet 2015
Alex Grey – December

2016 Pet of the Year Kenna James

Christiana Cinn - January Penthouse Pet 2016
Christiana Cinn – January

Darcie Dolce - February Penthouse Pet 2016
Darcie Dolce – February

Blake Eden - March Penthouse Pet 2016
Blake Eden – March

Jenna Sativa - April Penthouse Pet 2016
Jenna Sativa – April

Paulini - May Penthouse Pet 2016
Paulini – May


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Penthouse Pets 1990-1999 A Visual Guide

Penthouse Pets 1990-1999 Visual Guide

The 90s saw a change in direction for Penthouse.  The beleaguered magazine had lost it’s lead over Playboy due to the scandals of the 80s.  Guccione decided he would return to his roots, and go harder and more explicit than Playboy was willing.  It was a move that didn’t go the way he planned.  The magazine started featuring a larger number of Porn actresses as Pets.  He also became more and more enticed by the thrill of conspiracy, real or imagined.  This would lead Guccione to pay millions for access to what usually ended up being a hoax.  His “Alien Autopsy” adventuring was a great example of this.  Toward the end of the 1990’s Penthouse would delve into simulated, (and sometimes not simulated) sex in pictorials.  Here is our guide to the Hard Penthouse Pets of the 90s

1990 – Pet of the Year Stephanie Page

Stacey Lynn - January Penthouse pet 1990
Stacey Lynn – January

Justine Delahunty - February Penthouse Pet 1990
Justine Delahunty – February

Brandy O. - March Penthouse Pet 1990
Brandy O. – March

Jaqueline Winfield - April Penthouse Pet 1990
Jaqueline Winfield – April

Jisel ( Brandy Ledford ) May Penthouse Pet 1990
Jisel ( Brandy Ledford ) May

Amy Lynn Baxter - June Penthouse Pet 1990
Amy Lynn Baxter – June Penthouse Pet 1990

Marie Duarte - July Penthouse Pet 1990
Marie Duarte – July

Johnie Cheney - August Penthouse Pet 1990
Johnie Cheney – August

Linda Johansen - September Penthouse Pet 1990
Linda Johansen – September

Kelly Jackson (Racquel Darrian)- October 1990 Penthouse Pet
Kelly Jackson (Racquel Darrian)- October

Barbie Ashton - November Penthouse Pet 1990
Barbie Ashton – November

Diana Van Laar - December Penthouse Pet 1990
Diana Van Laar – December

1991 – Pet of the Year Simone Brigitte

Mahalia Maria - January Penthouse Pet 1991
Mahalia Maria – January

Tara Jackson - February Penthouse Pet 1991
Tara Jackson – February

Sandi Korn ( Sandra Taylor) March Penthouse Pet 1991
Sandi Korn ( Sandra Taylor) March

Theresa Presley - April Penthouse Pet 1991
Theresa Presley – April

Ronnie Dawn - May Penthouse Pet 1991
Ronnie Dawn – May (Deceased, Murder)

Julie Strain - May Penthouse Pet 1991
Julie Strain – June

Teneil - July Penthouse Pet 1991
Teneil – July

Ryan Matthews - August Penthouse Pet 1991
Ryan Matthews – August

Sasha Vinni - September Penthouse Pet 1991
Sasha Vinni – September

Pamela Peters - October Penthouse Pet 1991
Pamela Peters – October

Shannon Williams - November Penthouse Pet 1991
Shannon Williams – November

Jean Carew - December Penthouse Pet 1991
Jean Carew – December

1992 – Pet of the Year Jisel

Stevie Jean ( Shauna O'Brien) January Penthouse Pet 1992
Stevie Jean ( Shauna O’Brien) January

Leslie Glass - February (deceased) Penthouse pet 1992
Leslie Glass – February (deceased)

Jami Dion - March Penthouse Pet 1992
Jami Dion – March

Robin Brown - April Penthouse Pet 1992
Robin Brown – April

Jasmine Caro - May Penthouse Pet 1992
Jasmine Caro – May

Tracy Wolf - June Penthouse Pet 1992
Tracy Wolf – June

Nicole Simmons - July Penthouse Pet 1992
Nicole Simmons – July

Tammy Chapman - August Penthouse Pet 1992
Tammy Chapman – August

Seana Ryan - September Penthouse Pet 1992
Seana Ryan – September

Chanel Preston - October Penthouse Pet 1992
Chanel Preston – October

Alexis Christian - November Penthouse Pet 1992
Alexis Christian – November

Anja Josefsen - December Penthouse Pet 1992
Anja Josefsen – December

1993 – Pet of the Year Julie Strain

Natalie Lennox (Lace -American Gladiators) - January Penthouse Pet 1993
Natalie Lennox (Lace -American Gladiators) – January

Julie K. Smith - February Penthouse Pet 1993
Julie K. Smith – February

Natalie Smith - March Penthouse Pet 1993
Natalie Smith – March

Sharon Fitzpatrick - April Penthouse Pet 1993
Sharon Fitzpatrick – April

Gina LaMarca -May Penthouse Pet 1993
Gina LaMarca -May

Samantha Phillips (Radio Host) - June Penthouse Pet 1993
Samantha Phillips (Radio Host) – June

Michelle Tanner -July Penthouse Pet 1993
Michelle Tanner -July

Kailina - August Penthouse Pet 1993
Kailina – August

Andi Sue Irwin - September Penthouse Pet 1993
Andi Sue Irwin – September

Stacy Moran - October Penthouse Pet 1993
Stacy Moran – October

Melissa McGlathery - November Penthouse Pet 1993
Melissa McGlathery – November

Levena Holmes - December Penthouse Pet 1993
Levena Holmes – December

1994 – Pet of the Year Sasha Vinni

Bonita Saint - January Penthouse Pet 1994
Bonita Saint – January

Tiffany Burlingame - February Penthouse Pet 1994
Tiffany Burlingame – February

Mignon May Champ - March Penthouse Pet 1994
Mignon May Champ – March

Andrea Mountjoy - April Penthouse Pet 1994
Andrea Mountjoy – April

Sonja McDaniel - May Penthouse Pet 1994
Sonja McDaniel – May

Taylor Wayne - June Penthouse Pet 1994
Taylor Wayne – June

Dakotah Summers - July Penthouse Pet 1994
Dakotah Summers – July

Alex Taylor - August Penthouse Pet 1994
Alex Taylor – August

Leigh Anderson - September Penthouse Pet 1994
Leigh Anderson – September

Heidi Lynne - October Penthouse Pet 1994
Heidi Lynne – October

Veronica Gillespie - November Penthouse Pet 1994
Veronica Gillespie – November

Brandi Lee Braxton - December Penthouse Pet 1994
Brandi Lee Braxton – December

1995 – Pet of the Year Gina LaMarca

Lydia Schone - January Penthouse Pet 1995
Lydia Schone – January

Emma Nixon - February Penthouse Pet 1995
Emma Nixon – February

Lynn Turner - March Penthouse Pet 1995
Lynn Turner – March

Briana Nickles - April Penthouse Pet 1995
Briana Nickles – April

Darina Vanickova - May Penthouse Pet 1995
Darina Vanickova – May

Elizabeth Ann Hilden - June Penthouse Pet 1995
Elizabeth Ann Hilden – June

Dyanna Lauren - July Penthouse Pet 1995
Dyanna Lauren – July

Lexie Leblanc - August Penthouse Pet 1995
Lexie Leblanc – August

Ashley Williams - September Penthouse Pet 1995
Ashley Williams – September

Shandra Leigh - October Penthouse Pet 1995
Shandra Leigh – October

Veronica Sage - November Penthouse Pet 1995
Veronica Sage – November

Nikki Tyler - December Penthouse Pet 1995
Nikki Tyler – December

1996 – Pet of the Year Andi Sue Irwin

Emerald Heart - January Penthouse Pet 1996
Emerald Heart – January

Sabrina West - February Penthouse Pet 1996
Sabrina West – February

Diane Thomas - March Penthouse Pet 1996
Diane Thomas – March

Kia Delao - April Penthouse Pet 1996
Kia Delao – April

Lexus Locklear - May Penthouse Pet 1996
Lexus Locklear – May

Julia Garvey - June Penthouse Pet 1996
Julia Garvey – June

Celeste Jean - July Penthouse Pet 1996
Celeste Jean – July

Paige Summers - August (Deceased, OD) Penthouse Pet 1996
Paige Summers – August (Deceased, OD)

Tania Russof - September Penthouse Pet 1996
Tania Russof – September

Lisa Gayle - October Penthouse Pet 1996
Lisa Gayle – October

Samantha Michaels _ November Penthouse Pet 1996
Samantha Michaels _ November

Heather St. James - December Penthouse Pet 1996
Heather St. James – December

1997 – Pet of the Year Elizabeth Ann Hilden

Rachelle Arnott - January Penthouse Pet 1997
Rachelle Arnott – January

Monique Nobrega - February Penthouse Pet 1997
Monique Nobrega – February

Nikie St. Gilles - March Penthouse Pet 1997
Nikie St. Gilles – March

Heather Kelly - April Penthouse Pet 1997
Heather Kelly – April

Andrea Kurtz - May Penthouse Pet 1997
Andrea Kurtz – May

Dayna Ann - June Penthouse Pet 1997
Dayna Ann – June

Elena Gilbert - July Penthouse Pet 1997
Elena Gilbert – July Penthouse Pet 1997

Roxy Le Roux - August Penthouse Pet 1997
Roxy Le Roux – August

Rocki Roads - September Penthouse Pet 1997
Rocki Roads – September

Mason Marconi- October Penthouse Pet 1997
Mason Marconi- October

Alexus Winston - November Penthouse Pet 1997
Alexus Winston – November

Juliet Cariaga - December Penthouse Pet 1997
Juliet Cariaga – December

1998 – Pet of the Year Paige Summers

Eva Major - January Penthouse Pet 1998
Eva Major – January

Nanna Gibson (Nana Elliot, Dina Jewel) - February Penthouse Pet 1998
Nanna Gibson (Nana Elliot, Dina Jewel) – February

Anita Rinaldi Skultéty - March Penthouse Pet 1998
Anita Rinaldi Skultéty – March

Chloe Jones (Deceased) - April Penthouse Pet 1998
Chloe Jones (Deceased) – April

Pamela Petrokova -May Penthouse Pet 1998
Pamela Petrokova -May

Kelly Havel - June Penthouse Pet 1998
Kelly Havel – June

Nikita - July Penthouse Pet 1998
Nikita – July

Aimee Sweet - August Penthouse Pet 1998
Aimee Sweet – August

Tamara - September Penthouse Pet 1998
Tamara – September

Silvia Saint - October Penthouse Pet 1998
Silvia Saint – October

Melissa Ann - November Penthouse Pet 1998
Melissa Ann – November

Vicca -December Penthouse Pet 1998
Vicca -December

1999 – Pet of the Year Nikie St. Gilles

Samantha Stewart - January Penthouse Pet 1999
Samantha Stewart – January

Cat Daniels - February Penthouse Pet 1999
Cat Daniels – February

Leah Maree Willis - March Penthouse Pet 1999
Leah Maree Willis – March

Zdeňka Podkapová - April Penthouse Pet 1999
Zdeňka Podkapová – April

Miel Angel - May Penthouse Pet 1999
Miel Angel – May

Angelica Costello -June Penthouse Pet 1999
Angelica Costello -June

Melissa Ludwig - July Penthouse Pet 1998
Melissa Ludwig – July

Claudia Loveno - August Penthouse Pet 1999
Claudia Loveno – August

Alexa Lauren - September Penthouse Pet 1999
Alexa Lauren – September

Devinn Lane - October Penthouse Pet 1999
Devinn Lane – October

K.C. Tyler - November Penthouse Pet 1999
K.C. Tyler – November

Jacqueline Marie Phillips - December Penthouse Pet 1999
Jacqueline Marie Phillips – December Penthouse Pet 1999

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Traci Lords - September Penthouse Pet 1984

Penthouse Pets 1980-1989 A Visual Guide

Penthouse Pets 1980-1989

The 1980’s saw highs and lows for Penthouse magazine.  It would top its rival Playboy’s sales to start the decade, but missteps would cripple the magazine’s image before the eighties were over.  The worst missteps being dethroning the first African-American “Miss America” by publishing photos of her in the same issue where they featured a porn star “pet”, later discovered to be only 15 years old.  They did triumph when Pet Corrine Alphen landed a lead role in the John Landis film “Amazon Women on the Moon”, and again when they scooped the world with the leaked Pam Anderson / Tommy Lee sex tape.   Their next sex tape escapade proved profitable but further hurt Guccione’s credibility. Embattled figure skater Tonya Harding had a “Leaked” sex tape that was supposed to be from her wedding night.  It was later pointed out that the video was pieced together from several encounters as her male partner had a mustache that appeared and vanished several times and at one point the waterbed they are using mysteriously teleports across the room.  Harding’s attempt to further her 15 minutes of infamy sold some videos but looked too shady to be real.  It lead one reviewer to remark “She must have sold her breasts to Satan for ice skating skills”.

Here is our guide to the era of big hair, New Wave, lots of blush, and Reagan / Falwell.

1980 -Penthouse Pet of the Year Isabella Ardigo

Tamara Kapitas - January Penthouse Pet 1980
Tamara Kapitas – January

Lindsay Ekert - February Penthouse Pet 1980
Lindsay Ekert – February

Mary Bess Knight - March Penthouse Pet 1980
Mary Bess Knight – March

Annie Hockersmith - April Penthouse Pet 1980
Annie Hockersmith – April

Monika Kaelin - May Penthouse Pet 1980
Monika Kaelin – May

Danielle Deneux - June Penthouse Pet
Danielle Deneux – June

Samantha Faye - July Penthouse Pet 1980
Samantha Faye – July

Dianne Jamison - August Penthouse Pet 1980
Dianne Jamison – August

Delia Cosner - September Penthouse Playmate 1980
Delia Cosner – September

Kristen Knutsen - October Penthouse Playmate 1980
Kristen Knutsen – October

Betsy Dobson - November Penthouse Pet 1980
Betsy Dobson – November

Ava Monet - December Penthouse Pet 1980
Ava Monet – December

1981 – Penthouse Pet of the Year Danielle Deneux

Suzee Pai - January Penthouse Pet 1981
Suzee Pai – January

Brenda Holliday - February Penthouse Pet 1981
Brenda Holliday – February

Delfina Ponti - March Penthouse Pet 1981
Delfina Ponti – March

Sherry Moran - April Penthouse Pet 1981
Sherry Moran – April

Cody Carmack - May Penthouse Pet 1981 and January 1983
Cody Carmack – May

Angela Giovanni - June Penthouse Pet 1981
Angela Giovanni – June

Michelle Bauer - July Penthouse Pet 1981
Michelle Bauer – July

Corinne Alphen - June Penthouse Pet 1978
Corinne Alphen – June

Cynthia Peterson - September Penthouse Pet 1981
Cynthia Peterson – September

Connie Lynn Hadden - October Penthouse Pet 1981
Connie Lynn Hadden – October

Terry Armstrong - November Penthouse Pet 1981
Terry Armstrong – November

Sheila Kennedy - December Penthouse Pet 1981
Sheila Kennedy – December

1982 – Penthouse Pet of the Year Corinne Alphen

Julia Perrein - January Penthouse Pet 1982
Julia Perrein – January

Divina Celeste - February Penthouse Pet 1982
Divina Celeste – February

Sharon Axley - March Penthouse Pet 1982
Sharon Axley – March

Muriel Rousseau - April Penthouse Pet 1982
Muriel Rousseau – April

Ute Hochmeister - April Penthouse Pet 1982
Ute Hochmeister – May

Jane Felber - May Penthouse Pet 1982
Jane Felber – June

Lari Jones - July Penthouse Pet 1982
Lari Jones – July

Donna Barnes - August Penthouse Pet 1982
Donna Barnes – August

lee ann lee - September Penthouse Pet 1982
lee ann lee – September

Laurie L'Oranger - October Penthouse Pet 1982
Laurie L’Oranger – October

Nicole Monrowe - November Penthouse Pet 1982
Nicole Monrowe – November

Monique Gabrielle - December Penthouse Pet 1982
Monique Gabrielle – December

1983 – Penthouse Pet of the YearSheila Kennedy

Carmen Pope - March Penthouse Pet 1978 and January 1983
Carmen Pope – January

Loretta Ybarra - February Penthouse Pet 1983
Loretta Ybarra – February

Greta Anderson - March Penthouse Pet 1983
Greta Anderson – March

Veronique Jolie - April Penthouse Pet 1983
Veronique Jolie – April

Linda Kenton - May Penthouse Pet 1983
Linda Kenton – May

Janet Sharpe - June Penthouse Pet 1983
Janet Sharpe – June

Krista Simon - July Penthouse Pet 1983
Krista Simon – July

Shana Ross - August Penthouse Pet 1983
Shana Ross – August

Rachel Wesley - September Penthouse Pet 1983
Rachel Wesley – September

Nadine Greenlaw - October Penthouse Pet 1983
Nadine Greenlaw – October

Lale Hansen - November Penthouse Pet 1983
Lale Hansen – November

Lisa Schultz - December Penthouse Pet 1983
Lisa Schultz – December

1984 – Penthouse Pet of the Year

Linda Kenton

Cody Carmack - May Penthouse Pet 1981 and January 1983
Cody Carmack – January

Antonia Larsen - February Penthouse Pet 1983
Antonia Larsen – February

Paula Ann Wood - March Penthouse Pet 1984
Paula Ann Wood – March

Marcia Ruks - April Penthouse Pet 1984
Marcia Ruks – April

Holly-O - May Penthouse Pet 1984
Holly-O – May

Christianna - June Penthouse Pet 1984
Christianna – June

Stacy Cole - July Penthouse Pet 1984
Stacy Cole – July

Debbie Tays - August Penthouse Pet 1984
Debbie Tays – August

Traci Lords - September Penthouse Pet 1984
Traci Lords – September

Marie Ehlman - October Penthouse Pet 1984
Marie Ehlman – October

Mindy Farrar - November Penthouse Pet 1984
Mindy Farrar – November

Angela Marie Mineo - December Penthouse Pet 1984
Angela Marie Mineo – December

1985 – Penthouse Pet of the Year No Pet of the Year

The reason given was “In an unprecedented break with tradition, we are not presenting the 1985 Pet of the Year in this December issue (in case you haven’t yet noticed!) The reason? It’s simple–your votes for your favorite Pets have almost literally snowed us under, and our local mailmen are threatening to demand time and a half for their extra burden. Not only that, but those who keep tallies on the escalating totals tell us that–at this point, anyway–the race is just too close to call.”

Rebecca Hill - January Penthouse Pet 1985
Rebecca Hill – January

Brittany Dane - February Penthouse Pet 1985
Brittany Dane – February

Carolyn Bosanko - March Penthouse Pet 1985
Carolyn Bosanko – March

Andi Leigh - April Penthouse Pet 1985
Andi Leigh – April

Fasha - May Penthouse Pet 1985
Fasha – May

Melissa Wolf - June Penthouse Pet 1985
Melissa Wolf – June

Phyliss Partin - July Penthouse Pet 1985
Phyliss Partin – July (Deceased)

Angela Nicholas - August Penthouse Pet 1985
Angela Nicholas – August

Christine Dupre - September Penthouse Pet 1985
Christine Dupre – September

Jennifer James (Angel) - October Penthouse Pet 1985
Jennifer James (Angel) – October

Carina Ragnarsson - November Penthouse Pet 1985
Carina Ragnarsson – November

Lori Baker - December Penthouse Pet 1985
Lori Baker – December

1986 – Penthouse Pet of the Year Cody Carmack

Sarah Remington-Graves - January Penthouse Pet 1986
Sarah Remington-Graves – January

Susan Napoli - February Penthouse Pet 1986
Susan Napoli – February

Michelle Walker - March Penthouse Pet 1986
Michelle Walker – March

Dominique St. Croix - April Penthouse Pet 1984
Dominique St. Croix – April

Dallas Roddy - May Penthouse Pet 1986
Dallas Roddy – May

Susan Gabrielson - June Penthouse Pet 1986
Susan Gabrielson – June

Krista Pflanzer - July Penthouse Pet 1986
Krista Pflanzer – July

Patty Mullen - August Penthouse Pet 1986
Patty Mullen – August

Ginger Miller - September Penthouse Pet 1986
Ginger Miller – September

Janna Adams - October Penthouse Pet 1986
Janna Adams – October

Beth Snyder - November Penthouse Pet 1986
Beth Snyder – November

Jill Shawntai - December Penthouse Pet 1986
Jill Shawntai – December

1987 – Penthouse  Pet of the Year Mindy Farrar

Margo Chapman - January Penthouse Pet 1987
Margo Chapman – January

Linda Johnson - February Penthouse Pet 1987
Linda Johnson – February

Brittany Morgan - March Penthouse Pet 1987
Brittany Morgan – March

Jenna Persaud (Juliet Reagh) - April Penthouse Pet 1987
Jenna Persaud (Juliet Reagh) – April

Melissa Leigh - May Penthouse Pet 1987
Melissa Leigh – May

Connie Gauthier- May Penthouse Pet 1987
Connie Gauthier- May

Lisa Mandoki - July Penthouse Pet 1987
Lisa Mandoki – July

Andi Bruce - August Penthouse Pet 1987
Andi Bruce – August

Stephanie Page - September Penthouse Pet 1987
Stephanie Page – September

Terri Lenee Peake - October Penthouse Pet 1987
Terri Lenee Peake – October

Lisa Bradford - November Penthouse Pet 1987
Lisa Bradford – November

Janine Lindemulder - December Penthouse Pet 1987
Janine Lindemulder – December

1988 – Penthouse Pet of the Year Patty Mullen

Stephanie Adams - January Penthouse Pet 1988
Stephanie Adams – January

Joanne Szmereta - January Penthouse Pet 1988
Joanne Szmereta – February

Jacqui De La Cruz - March Penthouse Pet 1988
Jacqui De La Cruz – March

Delia Sheppard - April Penthouse Pet 1988
Delia Sheppard – April

Kelley Wild - May Penthouse Pet 1988
Kelley Wild – May

Lisa Davies - June Penthouse Pet 1988
Lisa Davies – June

Micky Honsa - July Penthouse Pet 1988
Micky Honsa – July

Lisa Aiton - August Penthouse Pet 1988
Lisa Aiton – August

Twyla Martak - September Penthouse Pet 1988
Twyla Martak – September

Tami Hogen - October Penthouse Pet 1988
Tami Hogen – October

Deborah Laufer - November Penthouse Pet 1988
Deborah Laufer – November

Kimberly Taylor - December Penthouse Pet 1988
Kimberly Taylor – December

1989 – Penthouse Pet of the Year  Ginger Miller

Aneliese Nesbitt - January Penthouse Pet 1989
Aneliese Nesbitt – January

Lola Anders - February Penthouse Pet 1989
Lola Anders – February

Sunny Woods - March Penthouse Pet 1989
Sunny Woods – March

Simone Brigitte - April Penthouse Pet 1989
Simone Brigitte – April

Venesuela - May Penthouse Pet 1989
Venesuela – May

Katja Zajcek - June Penthouse Pet 1989
Katja Zajcek – June

Suzy - July Penthouse Pet 1989
Suzy – July

Sara Norton - August Penthouse Pet 1989
Sara Norton – August

Lynn Johnson - September Penthouse Pet 1989
Lynn Johnson – September

Diana Van Gils - October Penthouse Pet 1989
Diana Van Gils – October

Mikki Brenner - November Penthouse Pet 1989
Mikki Brenner – November

Kirsten Stewart (Kirsten Imrie) - December Penthouse Pet 1989
Kirsten Stewart (Kirsten Imrie) – December

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Bob Guccioni at home with dogs

Collectible Penthouse Magazines, An Overview

(Included is a view of Penthouse Playmates from 1969 to 2016 at the end.  You Can click on any image to view details)

The Penthouse magazine story is a unique tail of rags to riches and back. It’s a story that could only happen against the backdrop of the turbulent 1960’s, the sexual revolution of the 1970’s and the resultant backlash of the more puritanical 1980s. At the heart of it all was a very unique character who helmed this ship to the heights of worldwide publishing before seeing it dashed on the rocks of a changing market and extreme financial missteps. The collectible Penthouse Magazine issues offered by Doodle Dan’s Deals  offer a chance to own a piece of a world that will never exist again.

Bob Guccioni at home with dogs

Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini “Bob” Guccione, was born in Brooklyn, New York on December 17th 1930 to Italian-American parents Anthony and Nina. Bob was always interested in art and trained to be a painter. Early on he took jobs as a cartoonist to make ends meet and even spent some time managing a string of laundry mats. His first wife started a mail order business selling pin-up photographs. At the time they were living in the United Kingdom and Bob became fascinated with the American publication, Playboy. He envisioned a magazine that would emulate playboy but have a very definite British slant. It would take the Playboy business model but go further. The articles would be more cutting edge and controversial, the pictorials would feature more nudity and more suggestive poses than Playboy. Using the information gleaned from the Pin-up business Guccione launched the UK edition of Penthouse Magazine in 1965. It was an immediate success and caused immediate controversy. The politicians in the UK wanted to either ban it or educate people about the “Dangers of Pornography”. All this did was give the magazine a LOT of free publicity, and soon it was difficult to keep on newsstand shelves due to demand.

In 1965 Guccione, who continued to use the art of parody he learned as a cartoonist, made a parody flyer of a West End burlesque show. The star’s manager contacted him, irate over the parody, and insisted that if he saw the talent of the show’s star, Kathy Keaton, he would never make fun of it again. Guccione went to the show and was instantly taken with Keaton. He offered her a job selling advertising for his fledgling magazine, and a business partnership was born. It was a rarity for women to be in advertising sales in the 1960’s, but the South African born beauty Keaton had a knack for it. She soon rose in responsibility and began to hire other female employees. Soon Penthouse rivaled feminist icon Ms. Magazine for number of female staff. This trend would continue through the life of Keaton’s tenure at the magazine.

Bob Guccioni and Kathy Keaton Working at Penthouse
Bob Guccioni and Kathy Keaton

In 1969, building on the roaring success in the British Isles, Guccione and Keaton decided the time was right to take on the biggest competitor on their home turf. They opened a New York office, devised a “Rabbit Hunting” advertising campaign, and began the American edition of Penthouse Magazine. It was an instant success. People who had heard of the more racy British version of Playboy were chomping at the bit to get their hands on the magazine.

From the beginning, the “Penthouse Pictorial” style was very different from the “Playboy Pictorial“. Playboy tended to go for the brightly lit, Bubblegum Pin-up style of photo with a brightly smiling model. Guccione had never used a camera professionally before starting the magazine. After asking a UK photographer friend to explain to him how the device worked, he began to use carefully placed light and shadow, along with a soft filtered look to establish what would become the “Penthouse Style”. Guccione had another firm rule -He didn’t fraternize with the models he was shooting, even though many made advances toward him. The usual 3 day shoots would start with the model thinking “What a nice guy” when he didn’t make a pass at them. By day 3 many would be VERY aggressively trying to seduce him. This fit perfectly with the sultry, hyper sexual style of photo he was looking for.

After the Rabbit Hunting series of ads (again showcasing Guccione’s talent for parody, and cartoon prowess), Penthouse wasted no time in pushing the limits of the established US obscenity laws. In a pictorial in June, 1970 a model was shown at a distance walking on a beach with a bikini top but no bottom. Her pubic hair was clearly visible. The photo was small and no one noticed. The next month, a model was more clearly shown with her pubic area visible. The censors had an immediate reaction and contacted Penthouse to inform them that this was not acceptable. Guccione countered informing them that they had lodged no complaint about the former month’s issue and he could therefore stand on precedent. In that one move “The Pubic Wars”, a pun on the historical Punic Wars, were launched.  Hugh Hefner instantly shot back that Guccione had stepped over the line. In an interview Hefner made the definitive statement on the subject saying that “Pubic Hair will NEVER be shown in Playboy Magazine”. It took exactly 9 months (shorter if you count publication time) for sexy Norwegian blonde playmate Liv Lindeland to appear clearly showing pubic hair in her pictorial. Lindeland would go on to become Playmate of the year (getting a sweet playmate pink DeTomaso Pantera in the deal), and Playboy’s stance on pubic hair was changed forever. Hefner conveniently forgot that he ever made his proclamation.

Penthouse Sponsored Formula 1 Car

As Penthouse continued to grow its American readership, it pushed deeper and deeper in to controversial territory. Though some of the stories in the 1970’s bordered on conspiracy theory, many more dealt with very real issues. Guccione was a firm supporter of the US Military and in particular injured veterans. He consistently used the magazine as a platform to expose the plight of veterans returning from the Vietnam war only to face a disapproving public, and a completely inadequate support system. Nearly all Penthouse press junkets included extended visits by the Pets to VA hospitals. This focus continued for the entire run Guccione had as publisher of the magazine.In the late 1970’s Guccione decided it was time for Penthouse to enter the film market. He proposed an X rated film about one of the most X rated characters in history, the mad young Emperor Caligula Caesar. The film would feature massive sets for the extravagant orgy scenes. It would be based on a script by award winning author Gore Vidal and directed by auteur Tinto Brass. The cast included luminaries Helen Mirren, Peter O’Toole, John Gielgud, and Malcolm McDowell as Caligula. The film was difficult from the beginning, and had massive budget over runs. When it was finally completed after the longest production schedule in history at the time, no distributor would touch it due to the real sex acts and X rating. Guccione ended up buying a theater in New York and playing the film there continuously for a year where it was only a moderate success. Where it found it’s true audience was on the emerging VHS home video format.

Caligula- The Imperial Edition Blu Ray DVD (other editions available)
Caligula- The Imperial Edition Blu Ray DVD (other editions available)

The profits from Caligula were earmarked to complete Guccione’s Penthouse Casino project in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Unfortunately he had gone against the advice of his most trusted advisors in starting the casino in the first place. He had begun construction prior to receiving a gambling license from the fledgling NJ Gambling Commission. Afraid to taint their new reputation by granting a license to a pornographic casino, the commission refused to grant the license. Real estate developer Donald Trump was coming off an early bankruptcy and had many tax concessions from Atlantic City to develop multiple casinos. Trump used his influence to stall Guccione at every turn and the project languished. Eventually it was scrapped, losing an estimated 150 million dollars.

In 1980 Penthouse reached a milestone. US sales surpassed Playboy for the first time. In 10 years, the British born magazine had unseated the reigning champion on its home turf. Guccione would use this bully pulpit to continue to advocate for his causes and push the envelope even further. The 1980’s would see the rise of Ronald Reagan and the “Moral Majority” led by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, and televangelists like Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart. Guccione took them on head to head, and spent a great deal of money investigating every aspect of their lives. He hit pay dirt when he found a New Orleans prostitute who had Jimmy Swaggart as a frequent customer. The expose would lead to the downfall of the powerful preacher and end the massive operation he had in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It left many partially constructed buildings to rust and decay, in a explicit example of the pen being mightier than the sword. In another issue he revealed a gay speechwriter in Falwell’s Moral Majority organization.

Waco Raid Expose Gay Moral Majority Speech Writer Jerry Falwell Penthouse
Waco Raid and Gay Falwell Speechwriter

Not all controversial topics worked out so well for the juggernaut magazine. A center spread featuring adult film star Traci Lords became illegal when it was revealed that Lords had used false identification to prove her age and was in fact 15 years old at the time. A running correspondence with the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, failed to gain any traction. But perhaps the worst backfire was the purchase of a photo spread featuring the first black Miss America, Vanessa Williams. All contestants of the pageant had to sign a pledge stating that they had never participated in any activity that could publicly embarrass the organization. Williams didn’t reveal that she had posed for an artful, but nude and very sexual pictorial with another woman. Penthouse purchased the photo set and published them, without permission from Williams. With the public announcement that the photos would be published, Williams was forced to relinquish her crown near the end of her reign as Miss America. There was a massive amount of backlash from the public, angry that a youthful indiscretion would tarnish the record of the first African-American to hold the crown. Many feel that though the publication of the photos was a landslide financial event, the magazine never recovered the status it held before purchasing them. It could be said that Williams had the last laugh, launching a very successful film and TV career, and in 2015 getting her crown restored, a formal apology from the pageant, and a spot as a pageant judge.

Waco Raid Penthouse April 1995Golden Showers Issue of PenthouseThe trend continued as Penthouse published several issues featuring Bill Clinton affair accusers Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers. Penthouse broke the story of Playboy sweetheart Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex’s tape, including stills of Pam and Tommy engaged in sex acts at home and on their boat. Another Playboy darling, Anna Nicole Smith was also poached by Penthouse in a “Lost Nudes” issue. Candid shots of celebrities were a draw as well. Madonna, and Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss were shown in “Private” photos. A highlight was when Claudia Schiffer was caught nude on a friends yacht and the photos were published in the magazine. B movie queen Julie Strain was featured on a cover with Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen and in a nude pictorial inside. The 25th Anniversary edition featured the infamous Tonya Harding with her “Leaked” sex tape.
25th Anniversary Edition Penthouse Featuring Tonya HardingPamela Anderson Sex Tape PenthousePaula Jones Penthouse Available for salePaula Jones Penthouse #2 available for saleAnna Nicole Smith Lost Nudes PenthouseHeidi Fleiss Leaked Nudes Penthouse Issue for SaleCharlie Sheen Julie Strain Penthouse issueClaudia Schiffer Penthouse Magazine Nudes on a Yacht

As the 1990’s began, trouble was on the horizon for Penthouse. Guccione was a man that never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like. He spent increasing amounts of money investigation things like CIA / FBI cover ups, and secret Alien Autopsies. He railed against Janet Reno and devoted several issues to the Branch Davidian raid in Waco Texas. He was a very confident man, and he treasured that in others. But sadly it is a very short leap from confident man, to confidence man. Guccione was mislead over and over with bogus stories. A group of would be researchers claimed to have the ability to produce a “Fusion Power Plant”, a technology that would replace nuclear power. Guccione sunk untold millions into the project that was later revealed to be a complete scam.

John wayne bobbitt's penis penthouse issueFirst Alien Photos Penthouse MagazineUnibomber Penthouse IssueWicked Wanda Penthouse Comix MagazineMetal People Issue of Penthouse MagazinePuerto Rican Brothel And Olympic Games Penthouse MagazineLuis Royo Art Issue of Penthouse MagazineOn September 19, 1997, Kathy Keaton died. Guccione’s wife, longtime partner and firm controller of the General Media empire was gone and without her firm hand on the tiller the company spiraled out of control. Guccione was convinced that he needed to return to the original formula, turning the magazine in a much more raunchy direction. Pictorials featured actual sex acts, penetration and urination. He firmly believed that the more people told him he was wrong, the more it proved he was right. He ignored the emerging technology of the internet, and in 2003 the company (Longevity and Viva) that had boasted such titles as Penthouse, Forum, Variation and the non-adult Omni, declared bankruptcy. Longevity and Viva was purchased by an investor group, that originally promised Guccione a spot as CEO, controlling the artistic direction of the new magazine. Shortly after the acquisition, Guccione and his long time assistant Jane were both fired in an abrupt phone call from a junior partner.Guccione unsuccessfully tried to sue to regain control. As his health declined, he was in financial ruin. His massive art collection was sold to pay tax debts, and on October 20, 2010 Guccione died from lung cancer.Through the amazing back issues that exist, the reader can see a time capsule of some of the most turbulent times in world history. They can visit places that no longer exist, and go deep inside the lives of people who have left us. From the amazing, lovingly shot Pet of the Year pictorials, to the long running comic Oh Wicked Wanda, featuring an animated dominatrix, Penthouse magazine is one of a kind.
If you are interested in learning more about Bob Guccione and the Penthouse story I highly recommend the documentary Filthy Gorgeous.  See Bob explain things in his own words and get to hear from numerous models, staff, and Bob’s own children. You can also read “No One’s Pet” Sheila Kennedy’s account of her work with Penthouse.

Watch Filthy Gorgeous at Amazon
Watch Filthy Gorgeous at Amazon

No One's Pet by Sheila Kennedy
Buy No One’s Pet at Amazon

PENTHOUSE PETS 1969 – 1999

1969 – Launched in September (US Edition)

Penthouse-Evelyn Treacher September Pet 1969
Evelyn Treacher  September

Kelly McQueen - October
Kelly McQueen – October

Penthouse-Ulla Lindstrom
Ulla Lindstrom – November

Janet Pearce - December
Janet Pearce – December

1970 – First Full Year – Pet of the Year Evelyn Treacher

Katherine Mannering Penthouse Pet January 1970
Katherine Mannering – January

Tamara Santerra - February
Tamara Santerra – February

Ilse Hasek - March
Ilse Hasek – March

Stephanie McLean - April
Stephanie McLean – April

Benedikte Andersen - May Penthouse Pet
Benedikte Andersen – May

Christina Lindberg - June Penthouse Pet
Christina Lindberg – June

Polly Anne Pendleton - July Penthouse Pet 1970
Polly Anne Pendleton – July

Françoise Pascal - August Penthouse Pet
Françoise Pascal – August

Tina McDowall - September Penthouse Pet
Tina McDowall – September

Heide Mann - October Penthouse Pet
Heide Mann – October

Franca Petrov - November Penthouse Pet
Franca Petrov – November

Jennifer Furse - December Penthouse Pet
Jennifer Furse – December

1971 – Pet of the Year Stephanie McLean

Viva Helziger - January Penthouse Pet 1971
Viva Helziger – January

Cassandra Harrington - February Penthouse Pet 1971
Cassandra Harrington –

Lottie Gunthart - March Penthouse Pet 1971
Lottie Gunthart – March

Jacquie Simmons-Jude - April Penthouse Pet 1971
Jacquie Simmons-Jude – April

Billie Rainbird - May Penthouse Pet 1971
Billie Rainbird – May

Josee Troyat - June Penthouse Pet 1971
Josee Troyat – June

Vida Farthing - July Penthouse Pet 1971
Vida Farthing – July

Judy Jones -August Penthouse Pet 1971
Judy Jones -August

Maureen Renzen - September OMaureen Renzen - September Penthouse Pet 1971
Maureen Renzen – September

Helen Caunt - October Penthouse Pet 1971
Helen Caunt – October

Lynette Asquith - November Penthouse Pet 1971
Lynette Asquith – November

Lynn Partington - December Penthouse Pet 1971
Lynn Partington – December

1972 – Pet of the Year Tina McDowell

Patricia Barrett - January Penthouse Pet 1972
Patricia Barrett – January

Carole Augustine - February Penthouse Pet 1972
Carole Augustine – February

Billie Deane - March Penthouse Pet 1972
Billie Deane – March

Marianne Gordon - April Penthouse Pet 1972
Marianne Gordon – April

Sharon Bailey - May Penthouse Pet 1972
Sharon Bailey – May

Nevenka Dundek - July Penthouse Pet 1972
Nevenka Dundek – July

Lesley Harrison - July Penthouse Playmate 1972
Lesley Harrison – July

Marian Maylam - August Penthouse Pet 1972
Marian Maylam – August

Isobel Garcia Orobiyi - September Penthouse Pet 1972
Isobel Garcia Orobiyi – September

Janet Dunphy - October Penthouse Pet 1972
Janet Dunphy – October

Angela Adams - November Penthouse Pet 1972
Angela Adams – November

Lynn Carey- December Penthouse Pet 1972
Lynn Carey- December

1973 – Pet of the Year Patricia Barrett

Maggi Burton- January Penthouse Pet 1973
Maggi Burton- January

Karen Sather - February Penthouse Pet 1973
Karen Sather – February

Penthouse-Avril Lund march pet 1973
Avril Lund – March

Leslie Leah Burrow -April Penthouse Pet 1973
Leslie Leah Burrow -April

Sandi Greco - May Penthouse Pet 1973
Sandi Greco – May

Paula Francis - June Penthouse Pet 1973
Paula Francis – June

Cindy McDee - July penthouse pet 1973
Cindy McDee – July

Lane Jackson Coyle - August penthouse pet 1973
Lane Jackson Coyle – August

Anneka De Lorenzo - September Penthouse Pet 1973
Anneka De Lorenzo – September

Francis Canon - October Penthouse Pet 1973
Francis Canon – October

Debbie Griffin - November Penthouse Pet 1973
Debbie Griffin – November

Sandy Robertson - December Penthouse Pet 1973
Sandy Robertson – December

1974 – Pet of the Year Avirl Lund

Claudia Arena - January Penthouse Pet 1974
Claudia Arena – January

Beatrice Vogler - February Penthouse Pet 1974
Beatrice Vogler – February

Marie Ekorre - March Penthouse Pet 1974
Marie Ekorre – March

Nancy Sebastian - April Penthouse Pet 1974
Nancy Sebastian – April

Brande Howard - May Penthouse Pet 1974
Brande Howard – May

Alicia Justin - June Penthouse Pet 1974
Alicia Justin – June

Barbie Lewis - July Penthouse Pet 1974
Barbie Lewis – July

Stacey Cameron - August Penthouse Pet 1974
Stacey Cameron – August

Janice Kane -September Penthouse Pets 1974
Janice Kane -September

Laura Bennett Doone - October Penthouse Pet 1974
Laura Bennett Doone – October

Sharon Longworth - November Penthouse Pet 1974
Sharon Longworth – November

Cathy Green - December Penthouse Pet 1974
Cathy Green – December

1975 – Pet of the Year Anneka De Lorenzo

Juliet Morris - January Penthouse Pet 1975
Juliet Morris – January

Lona Simpson -February Penthouse Pet 1975
Lona Simpson -February

Susan Ryder - March Penthouse Pet 1975
Susan Ryder – March

Signe Berger - April Penthouse Pet 1975
Signe Berger – April

Ava Gallay -May Penthouse Pet 1975
Ava Gallay -May

Wendy Blodgett - June Penthouse Pet 1975
Wendy Blodgett – June

Jane Hargrave - July Penthouse Pet 1975
Jane Hargrave – July

Marguerite Cordier - August Penthouse Pet 1975
Marguerite Cordier – August

Michelle Stevens - September Penthouse Pet 1975
Michelle Stevens – September

Anne Peters - October Penthouse Pet 1975
Anne Peters – October

Bonnie Dee Wilson - November Penthouse Pet 1975
Bonnie Dee Wilson – November

Susan Waide - December Penthouse Pet 1975
Susan Waide – December

1976 – Pet of the Year Laura Bennett Doone

Laure Favie - January Penthouse Pet 1976
Laure Favie – January

Martine Le Mauviel - February Penthouse Pet 1976
Martine Le Mauviel – February

Joann Witty - March Penthouse Pet 1976
Joann Witty – March

Sandy Bernadou - April Penthouse Pet 1976
Sandy Bernadou – April

Sonny Smith - May Penthouse Pet 1976
Sonny Smith – May

Anna Grimwood - June Penthouse Pet 1976
Anna Grimwood – June

Helen Lang - July Penthouse Pet 1976
Helen Lang – July

Victoria Lynn Johnson -August Penthouse Pet 1976
Victoria Lynn Johnson -August

Dawn Shaw - September Penthouse Pet 1976
Dawn Shaw – September

Susanne Saxon - October Penthouse Pet 1976
Susanne Saxon – October (Deceased)
 Carolyn Patsis - November Penthouse Pet 1976

Carolyn Patsis – November

Adrian King - December Penthouse Pet 1976

Adrian King – December

1977 – Pet of the Year Victoria Lynn Johnson

Marilyn Connor - January Penthouse Pet 1977
Marilyn Connor – January

Betsy Harris - February Penthouse Pet 1977
Betsy Harris – February

Jolanta Von Zmuda - March Penthouse Pet 1977
Jolanta Von Zmuda – March

Shonna Lynne - April Penthouse Pet 1977
Shonna Lynne – April

Valerie Rae Clark - May Penthouse Pet 1977
Valerie Rae Clark – May

Dominique Maure - June Penthouse Pet 1977
Dominique Maure – June

Christine Davray - July Penthouse Pet 1977
Christine Davray – July

Barbara Corser - August Penthouse Pet 1977
Barbara Corser – August

Lucia St. Angelo - September Penthouse Pet 1977
Lucia St. Angelo – September

Cynthia Gaynor - October Penthouse Pets 1977
Cynthia Gaynor – October

Debora Zullo - November Penthouse Pet 1977
Debora Zullo – November

Cheryl Rixon - December Penthouse Pet 1977
Cheryl Rixon – December

1978 – Pet of the Year Dominique Maure

Carrie Nelson - January Penthouse Pet 1978
Carrie Nelson – January

Laura Storm - February Penthouse Pet 1977
Laura Storm – February

Carmen Pope - March Penthouse Pet 1978 and January 1983
Carmen Pope – January

Mariwin Roberts - April Penthouse Pet 1978
Mariwin Roberts – April

Angela Hyer - May Penthouse Pet 1978
Angela Hyer – May

Corinne Alphen - June Penthouse Pet 1978
Corinne Alphen – June

Barbara Ann - July Penthouse Pet 1978
Barbara Ann – July

Jennifer Zane - August Penthouse Pet 1978
Jennifer Zane – August

Kate Simmons - September Penthouse Pet 1978
Kate Simmons – September

Veronique de Valdene - October Penthouse Pet 1978
Veronique de Valdene – October

Malia Redford - November Penthouse Pet 1978
Malia Redford – November

Amber Ramsey - December Penthouse Pet 1978
Amber Ramsey – December

1979 – Pet of the Year Cheryl Rixon

Dusty Jackson - January Penthouse Pet 1979
Dusty Jackson – January

Pamela Rhodes - February Penthouse Pet 1979
Pamela Rhodes – February

Shasta Lindstrom - March Penthouse Pet 1979
Shasta Lindstrom – March

Isabella Ardigo - April Penthouse Pet 1979
Isabella Ardigo – April

Brieanna Bujold - May Penthouse Pet 1979
Brieanna Bujold – May

Lynda Clark - June Penthouse Pet 1979
Lynda Clark – June

Jaycee West - July Penthouse Pet 1979
Jaycee West – July

Diane Weber - August Penthouse Pet 1979
Diane Weber – August

Joanne Latham - September Penthouse Pet 1979
Joanne Latham – September

Tammy Hill - October Penthouse Pet 1979
Tammy Hill – October

Danielle Ginibre - November Penthouse Pet 1979
Danielle Ginibre – November

Judi Gibbs - December Penthouse Pet 1979
Judi Gibbs – December (Deceased)

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