From their humble beginnings with LOL cats (who can forget “Can Has Cheeseburger”?) internet memes have grown into a wild universe of Condescending Wonka, Almost Politically Correct Redneck, Success Kid, Philosoraptor and all their friends. Below are just a few of the memes that have tickled Doodle Dan’s funny bone while he was doing research for the next big collection.


Meme-Who is your 1stLove? Cat comforting Dog Dobermans dressed as Batman and Robin
Smirking Nerd Meme-Kitten says "If I just keep looking cute they'll surely BlameTheDog1" Meme-Go away, I'm having a BadDay
Plane on Street - WrongCheatCode Cat posed as if driving an InvisibleRaceCar Baby with Gavel - 3 years in jail for Stealing my Nose
SongLyrics - You never know how dirty a song's lyrics are...until you hear a child sing them.  Baby Turtles running to mom - ToTheMothership Expectations v Reality of SleepingWithPets
Cat in bed says "You SleepOnTheFloor tonight, human" "When you really, really want to slap someone, do it. Just make sure to say "mosquito" when you do..." Hedgehog to a hair brush "Brother?"
ScaredTiger to a dog "Dude, you gotta protect me! People are saying there's a tiger in here!" "When I die will someone please go to my funeral dressed like the GrimReaper? Don't say anything just stand there..." Baby Dragon watching a DragonCam on a laptop
ManSleepover = Man diving onto air mattresses Turtle with a military helmet for a shell says "they told me I could be anything so I became a tank Cat in a costume says "Grrrrrrr. IizaPanda."
RestroomSpiderman pees upside down and dribbles near face Baby says "You mean to tell me that Spoons don't actually sound Like Airplanes?  DogSelfie
Wide eyed cat says "but you CantGoToBed I just woke up!" Cat tells kitten "Say nothing they'll BlameTheDog" Upset cat says "The litter tray is empty again. Someone is stealing my poop!"
Cat with Baby "I have claimed this tiny human for myself. You may leave now."  DisneyLogic Grumpy Cat says "I like the noise you make when you shut up"
Toddlers with toy car "Dude, GiveMeYourKeys. Nah, bro. I'm good to drive." Grumpy Cat LikeAndShare Dog flying a helicopter upside down "I have no idea what I'm doing"
Squished milk jug "I'm sorry I dropped you, stop giving me that look."
Baby looks at parents "OMG! WhoAreYouPeople!?"