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Playboy 1961 December Playmate Lynn Karrol Centerfold
Lynn Karrol


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Mickey Winters Original Playboy Centerfold

Mickey Winters
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JanuaryJudy Monterey Original Playboy Centerfold  January 1963Judy Monterey $10.50
FebruaryTony Ann Thomas Original Playboy Centerfold February 1963 Tony Ann Thomas   $10.50
MarchAdrianne Morrow Playboy Centerfold March 1963Adrianne Morrow $10.50
April Sandra Settani Original Playboy Centerfold Sandra Settani $10.50
May Sharon Cintron Original Playboy Centerfold Sharon Cintron $10.50 
JuneConnie Mason Original Playboy Centerfold Connie Mason $10.50
JulyCarrie Enwright Original Playboy Centerfold Carrie Enwright $10.50
AugustPhyllis Sherwood Original Playboy Centerfold Phyllis Sherwood $10.50
SeptemberVictoria Valentino Original Playboy Centerfold Victoria Valentino $10.50
OctoberChristine Williams Original Playboy Centerfold Christine Williams  $10.50
NovemberTerri Tucker Original Playboy Centerfold Terri Tucker $10.50 
DecemberDonna Michelle Original Playboy Centerfold Donna Michelle $10.50
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JanuarySharon Rogers Original Playboy Centerfold Sharon Rogers $10.50
FebruaryNancy Jo Hooper Original Playboy Centerfold Nancy Jo Hooper $10.50
MarchNancy Scott Original Playboy Centerfold Nancy Scott $10.50
AprilAshlyn Martin Original Playboy Centerfold Ashlyn Martin 10.50 
MayTerri Kimball Original Playboy Centerfold Terri Kimball $10.50
JuneLori Winston Original Playboy Centerfold Lori Winston $10.50
JulyMelba Ogle Original Playboy Centerfold Melba Ogle $10.50
AugustChina Lee  Original Playboy Centerfold China Lee  $10.50
SeptemberAstrid Schulz Original Playboy Centerfold Astrid Schulz $10.50
OctoberOctober 1964 Rosemarie Hillcrest Original Playboy Centerfold Rosemarie Hillcrest  $10.50
NovemberKai Brendlinger Original Playboy CenterfoldKai Brendlinger $10.50
DecemberJo Collins Original Playboy CenterfoldJo Collins $10.50
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JanuarySally Duberson Original Playboy CenterfoldSally Duberson $9.50
FebruaryJessica St George Original Playboy CenterfoldJessica St.George       $10.50
MarchJennifer Jackson  Original Playboy CenterfoldJennifer Jackson $10.50
AprilSue Williams Original Playboy CenterfoldSue Williams $10.50
MayMaria McBane Original Playboy CenterfoldMaria McBane $9.50
JuneHedy Scott Original Playboy CenterfoldHedy Scott    $9.50
JulyGay Collier Original Playboy CenterfoldGay Collier   $9.50
AugustLannie Balcom Original Playboy CenterfoldLannie Balcom $9.50
SeptemberPatti Reynolds Original Playboy CenterfoldPatti Reynolds $9.50
OctoberAllison Parks Original Playboy CenterfoldAllison Parks $9.50
NovemberPat Russo Original Playboy CenterfoldPat Russo      $9.50
DecemberDinah Willis Original Playboy CenterfoldDinah Willis $9.50
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JanuaryJudy Tyler Original Playboy CenterfoldJudy Tyler     $9.50
FebruaryMelinda Windsor Original Playboy CenterfoldMelinda Windsor $9.50
MarchPriscilla Wright Original Playboy CenterfoldPriscilla Wright $9.50
AprilKarla Conway Original Playboy CenterfoldKarla Conway $9.50
MayDolly Read Original Playboy CenterfoldDolly Read $9.50
JuneKelly Burke Original Playboy CenterfoldKelly Burke    $9.50
JulyTish Howard Original Playboy CenterfoldTish Howard $9.50
AugustSusan Densberg Original Playboy CenterfoldSusan Densberg   $9.50
SeptemberDianne Chandler Original Playboy CenterfoldDianne Chandler   $9.50
OctoberLinda Moon Original Playboy CenterfoldLinda Moon    $9.50
NovemberLisa Baker Original Playboy CenterfoldLisa Baker  $9.50
DecemberSusan Bernard Original Playboy CenterfoldSusan Bernard $14.50
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JanuarySurrey Marshe Original Playboy CenterfoldSurrey Marshe $11.50
FebruaryKim Farber Original Playboy CenterfoldKim Farber $9.50
MarchFran Gerard Original Playboy CenterfoldFran Gerard $27.50
AprilGwen Wong Original Playboy CenterfoldGwen Wong $11.50 
MayAnne Randall Original Playboy CenterfoldAnne Randall $9.50
JuneJoey Gibson Original Playboy CenterfoldJoey Gibson $9.50
JulyHeather Ryan Original Playboy CenterfoldHeather Ryan $9.50
AugustDede Lind Original Playboy CenterfoldDede Lind $9.50 
SeptemberAngela Dorian Original Playboy CenterfoldAngela Dorian $9.50
OctoberReagan Wilson Original Playboy CenterfoldReagan Wilson $9.50
NovemberKaya Christian Original Playboy CenterfoldKaya Christian $9.50
DecemberLynn Winchell Original Playboy CenterfoldLynn Winchell $9.50 
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1968 Playboy Centerfolds

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JanuaryConnie Kreski Original Playboy CenterfoldConnie Kreski $11.50
FebruaryNancy Harwood Original Playboy CenterfoldNancy Harwood     $9.50
MarchMichelle Hamilton Original Playboy CenterfoldMichelle Hamilton $9.50
AprilGaye Rennie Original Playboy CenterfoldGaye Rennie $9.50
MayElizabeth Jordan Original Playboy CenterfoldElizabeth Jordan $11.50
JuneBritt Fredriksen Original Playboy CenterfoldBritt Fredriksen 9.50
JulyMelodye Prentiss Original Playboy CenterfoldMelodye Prentiss $9.50
AugustGale Olson Original Playboy CenterfoldGale Olson $9.50  
SeptemberDru Hart Original Playboy CenterfoldDru Hart $9.50
OctoberMajken Havgedal Original Playboy CenterfoldMajken Havgedal $9.50
November Paige Young Original Playboy CenterfoldPaige Young $9.50
DecemberCynthia Myers Original Playboy CenterfoldCynthia Myers $27.50  
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1969 Playboy Centerfolds

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JanuaryLeslie Bianchini Original Playboy CenterfoldLeslie Bianchini $9.50
FebruaryLorrie Menconi Original Playboy CenterfoldLorrie Menconi $9.50
MarchKathy MacDonald Original Playboy CenterfoldKathy MacDonald $9.50
AprilLorna Hopper Original Playboy CenterfoldLorna Hopper $9.50 
MaySally Sheffield Original Playboy CenterfoldSally Sheffield $9.50
JuneHelena Antonaccio Original Playboy CenterfoldHelena Antonaccio  $9.50
JulyNancy McNeil Original Playboy CenterfoldNancy McNeil $9.50
AugustDebbie Hooper Original Playboy CenterfoldDebbie Hooper $9.50 
SeptemberShay Knuth Original Playboy CenterfoldShay Knuth $9.50
OctoberJean BellJean Bell       $9.50
NovemberClaudia Jennings Original Playboy CenterfoldClaudia Jennings $11.50
DecemberGloria Root Original Playboy CenterfoldGloria Root $9.50 
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1970 Playboy Centerfolds

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January Jill Taylor Original Playboy CenterfoldJill Taylor  $9.50
FebruaryLinda Forsythe Original Playboy CenterfoldLinda Forsythe $9.50
MarchChris Koren Original Playboy CenterfoldChris Koren    $9.50
AprilBarbara Hillary Original Playboy CenterfoldBarbara Hillary   $9.50  
MayJennifer Liano Original Playboy CenterfoldJennifer Liano $9.50
JuneElaine Morton Original Playboy CenterfoldElaine Morton $9.50
JulyCarol Willis Original Playboy CenterfoldCarol Willis      $9.50
AugustSharon Clark Original Playboy CenterfoldSharon Clark     $9.50
SeptemberDebbie Ellison Original Playboy CenterfoldDebbie Ellison $10.50
OctoberMadeline and Mary Collinson Original Playboy CenterfoldMadeline and Mary Collinson $14.50
NovemberAvis Miller Original Playboy CenterfoldAvis Miller $9.50
DecemberCarol Imhof Original Playboy CenterfoldCarol Imhof $10.50
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1971 Playboy Centerfolds

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January Liv Lindeland Original Playboy CenterfoldLiv Lindeland $11.50
FebruaryWilly Rey Original Playboy CenterfoldWilly Rey $11.50
MarchCynthia Hall Original Playboy CenterfoldCynthia Hall $9.50
AprilChris Cranston Original Playboy CenterfoldChris Cranston $9.50
May Janice Pennington Original Playboy CenterfoldJanice Pennington $9.50
JuneLieko English Original Playboy CenterfoldLieko English   $9.50
JulyHeather Van Every Original Playboy CenterfoldHeather Van Every $9.50
AugustCathy Rowland Original Playboy CenterfoldCathy Rowland $9.50
SeptemberCrystal Smith Original Playboy CenterfoldCrystal Smith $12.50
OctoberClarie Rambeau Original Playboy CenterfoldClaire Rambeau $9.50
NovemberDanielle de Vabre Original Playboy CenterfoldDanielle de Vabre $9.50
DecemberKaren Christy Original Playboy CenterfoldKaren Christy $9.50
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1972 Playboy Centerfolds

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JanuaryMarilyn ColeMarilyn Cole $12.50
FebruaryPJ Lansing Original Playboy CenterfoldPJ Lansing       $9.50
MarchEllen Michaels Original Playboy CenterfoldEllen Michaels $9.50
April Vicki Peters Original Playboy CenterfoldVicki Peters     $10.50
MayDeanna Baker Original Playboy CenterfoldDeanna Baker $11.50
JuneDebbie Davis Original Playboy CenterfoldDebbie Davis $10.50
JulyCarol Oneal Original Playboy CenterfoldCarol Oneal    $9.50
AugustLinda Summers Original Playboy CenterfoldLinda Summers $9.50
SeptemberSusan Miller Original Playboy CenterfoldSusan Miller  $9.50
OctoberSharon Johansen Original Playboy CenterfoldSharon Johansen $9.50
NovemberLenna Sjooblom Original Playboy CenterfoldLenna Sjooblom $14.50
DecemberMercy Rooney Original Playboy CenterfoldMercy Rooney $11.50
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1973 Playboy Centerfolds

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JanuaryMiki Garcia January 1973  Original Playboy CenterfoldMiki Garcia $9.50
FebruaryCindi Wood Original Playboy Centerfold February 1973Cindi Wood $11.50
MarchBonnie Large Playboy Centerfold March 1973Bonnie Large $11.50
AprilPlayboy Centerfold April 1973 Playmate Julie WoodsonJulie Woodson $9.50
MayAnulka DziubinskaAnulka Dziubinska $10.50
June Ruthy RossRuthy Ross $9.50
JulyMartha SmithMartha Smith $9.50
August Phyllis ColemanPhyllis Coleman $9.50
SeptemberGeri GlassGeri Glass $9.50
OctoberValerie LaneValerie Lane $9.50
NovemberMonica TidwellMonica Tidwell $9.50
DecemberChristine MaddoxChristine Maddox $9.50
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1974 Playboy Centerfolds

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JanuaryNancy CameronNancy Cameron Double Sided $19.50
FebruaryFrancine ParksFrancine Parks $9.50
MarchPamela ZinszerPamela Zinszer $9.50
AprilMarlene MorrowMarlene Morrow $9.50
MayMarilyn LangeMarilyn Lange $9.50
JuneSandy JohnsonSandy Johnson $9.50
JulyCarol VitaleCarol Vitale $9.50
AugustJean MansonJean Manson $9.50
SeptemberKristine HansonKristine Hanson $14.50
OctoberEster CordetEster Cordet $9.50
NovemberBebe BuellBebe Buell $14.50
December Janice RaymondJanice Raymond $9.50
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1975 Playboy Centerfolds

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JanuaryLynnda KimballLynnda Kimball $9.50
FebruaryLaura MischLaura Misch   $10.50
MarchIngeborg SorensenIngeborg Sorensen         $9.50
AprilVictoria CunninghamVictoria Cunningham   $9.50
MayBridgette RollinsBridgett Rollins $9.50
JuneAzizi JohariAzizi Johari $9.50
JulyLynn SchillerLynn Schiller $10.50
AugustLillian MullerLillian Muller $9.50
SeptemberMesina MillerMesina Miller $9.50
October Jill DevriesJill Devries $9.50
November Janet LupoJanet Lupo $9.50
DecemberNancie Li BrandiNancie Li Brandi $9.50
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1976 Playboy Centerfolds

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JanuaryDaina HouseDaina House $8.50
FebruaryLaura LyonsLaura Lyons $8.50
MarchAnn PenningtonAnn Pennington $9.50
AprilDenise MicheleDenise Michele $9.50
MayPatricia McClainPatricia McClain $8.50
JuneDebra PetersonDebra Peterson $8.50
JulyDeborah BorkmanDeborah Borkman $8.50
AugustLinda BeattyLinda Beatty $8.50
SeptemberWhitney KaineWhitney Kaine $8.50
OctoberHope OlsonHope Olson $8.50
November Patti McGuirePatti McGuire $9.50
DecemberKaren HafterKaren Hafter $8.50
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1977 Playboy Centerfolds

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JanuarySusan Lynn KigerSusan Lynn Kiger $8.50
FebruaryStar StoweStar Stowe $8.50
MarchNicki ThomasNicki Thomas $9.50
April Lisa SohmLisa Sohm $9.50
MaySheila MullenSheila Mullen $8.50
JuneVirve ReidVirve Reid $9.50
JulySondra TheodoreSondra Theodore $9.50
AugustJulia LyndonJulia Lyndon $8.50
SeptemberDebra Jo FondrenDebra Jo Fondren $8.50
OctoberKristine WinderKristine Winder $9.50
November Rita LeeRita Lee $8.50
December Ashley CoxAshley Cox $8.50
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1978 Playboy Centerfolds

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JanuaryDebra JensenDebra Jensen $8.50
February Janis SchmittJanis Schmitt $8.50
MarchChristina SmithChristina Smith $9.50
AprilPamela Jean BryantPamela Jean Bryant $8.50
MayKathryn MorrisonKathryn Morrison $9.50
June Gail StantonGail Stanton $8.50
JulyKaren MortonKaren Morton $8.50
AugustVicki WittVicki Witt $8.50
SeptemberRosanne KatonRosanne Katon $9.50
OctoberMarcy HansonMarcy Hanson $8.50
NovemberMonique St PierreMonique St Pierre $8.50
DecemberJanet QuistJanet Quist $8.50
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1979 Playboy Centerfolds

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JanuaryCandy LovingCandy Loving $8.50
February Lee Ann MichelleLee Ann Michelle $8.50
MarchDenise McConnellDenise McConnell $8.50
AprilMissy ClevelandMissy Cleveland $8.50
MayMichelle DrakeMichelle Drake $8.50
JuneLouanne FernadLouanne Fernad $9.50
JulyDorothy MaysDorothy Mays $8.50
AugustDorothy StrattenDorothy Stratten $8.50
SeptemberVicki McCartyVicki McCarty $8.50
OctoberUrsula BuchfellnerUrsula Buchfellner $8.50
NovemberSylvie GarantSylvie Garant $8.50
DecemberCandace CollinsCandace Collins $8.50
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Playboy Centerfolds

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JanuaryGig GangelGig Gangel $8.50
FebruarySandy CagleSandy Cagle $8.50
MarchHenriette AllaisHenriette Allais $8.50
AprilLiz GlazowskiLiz Glazowski $8.50
MayMartha ThomsenMartha Thomsen $8.50
JuneOla RayOla Ray $8.50
JulyTeri PetersonTeri Peterson $9.50
AugustVictoria CookeVictoria Cooke $8.50
SeptemberLisa WelchLisa Welch $8.50
OctoberMardi JacquetMardi Jacquet $8.50
NovemberJeana TomasinoJeana Tomasino $8.50
December Terri WellsTerri Wells $8.50
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JanuaryKaren PriceKaren Price $8.50
February Vicki Lynn LasseterVicki Lynn Lasseter $8.50
MarchKimberly HerrinKimberly Herrin $8.50
AprilLorraine MichaelsLorraine Michaels $8.50
MayGina GoldbergGina Goldberg $8.50
JuneCathy LarmouthCathy Larmouth $8.50
JulyHeidi SorensonHeidi Sorenson $8.50
AugustDebbie BoostromDebbie Boostrom $8.50
SeptemberSusan SmithSusan Smith $8.50
OctoberKelly ToughKelly Tough $8.50
NovemberShannon TweedShannon Tweed $8.50
DecemberPatricia FarinelliPatricia Farinelli $8.50
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JanuaryKimberly McArthurKimberly McArthur $8.50
February Anne Marie FoxAnne Marie Fox $8.50
MarchKaren WitterKaren Witter $8.50
April Lynda Rhys VaughnLynda Rhys Vaughn $8.50
MayKym MalinKym Malin $9.50
JuneLourdes Ann Kananimanu EstoresLourdes Ann Kananimanu Estores $8.50
JulyLynda WiesmeierLynda Wiesmeier $8.50
AugustCathy St GeorgeCathy St George $8.50
SeptemberConnie BrightonConnie Brighton $8.50
OctoberMarianne GravetteMarianne Gravette $8.50
NovemberMarlene JanssenMarlene Janssen $8.50
DecemberCharlotte KempCharlotte Kemp $8.50
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JanuaryLonny ChinLonny Chin $9.50
FebruaryMelinda MaysMelinda Mays $8.50
MarchAlana SoaresAlana Soares $8.50
AprilChristina FergusonChristina Ferguson $8.50
MaySusie ScottSusie Scott $8.50
June Jolanda EggerJolanda Egger $8.50
JulyRuth GuerriRuth Guerri $8.50
AugustCarina PerssonCarina Persson $8.50
SeptemberBarbara EdwardsBarbara Edwards $9.50
OctoberTracy VaccaroTracy Vaccaro $8.50
NovemberVeronica GambaVeronica Gamba $8.50
DecemberTerry NihenTerry Nihen $8.50
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JanuaryPenny BakerPenny Baker $8.50
February Justine GreinerJustine Greiner $8.50
MarchDona SpierDona Spier $8.50
AprilLisa Ann PedrianaLisa Ann Pedriana $8.50
MayPatty DuffekPatty Duffek $9.50
June Tricia LangeTricia Lange $8.50
JulyLiz StewartLiz Stewart $8.50
AugustSuzi SchottSuzi Schott $8.50
SeptemberKim EvensonKim Evenson $8.50
OctoberDebi JohnsonDebi Johnson $8.50
NovemberRoberta VasquezRoberta Vasquez $8.50
DecemberKaren ValezKaren Valez $8.50
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JanuaryJoan BennettJoan Bennett $8.50
FebruaryCherie WitterCherie Witter $8.50
MarchDonna SmithDonna Smith $8.50
AprilCindy BrooksCindy Brooks $8.50
MayKathy ShowerKathy Shower $8.50
JuneDevin DeVasquezDevin DeVasquez $8.50
JulyHope Marie CarltonHope Marie Carlton $8.50
AugustCher ButlerCher Butler $8.50
SeptemberVenice KongVenice Kong $8.50
OctoberCynthia BrimhallCynthia Brimhall $8.50
NovemberPamela SaundersPamela Saunders $8.50
DecemberCarol FicatierCarol Ficatier $8.50
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JanuarySherry ArnettSherry Arnett $8.50
FebruaryJulie McCulloughJulie McCullough $8.50
MarchKim MorrisKim Morris $8.50
AprilTeri WeigelTeri Weigel $8.50
MayChristine RichtersChristine Richters $8.50
JuneRebecca FerrattiRebecca Ferratti $8.50
JulyLynne AustinLynne Austin $9.50
AugustAva FabianAva Fabian $8.50
SeptemberRebekka ArmstrongRebekka Armstrong $8.50
OctoberKatherine HushawKatherine Hushaw $8.50
NovemberDonna EdmondsonDonna Edmondson $8.50
December Laurie Ann CarrLaurie Ann Carr $8.50
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JanuaryLuann LeeLuann Lee $9.50
February Julie PetersonJulie Peterson $8.50
MarchMarina BakerMarina Baker $8.50
April Anna ClarkAnna Clark $8.50
MayKymberly PaigeKymberly Paige $8.50
JuneSandy GreenbergSandy Greenberg $8.50
JulyCarmen BergCarmen Berg $9.50
AugustSharry KonopskiSharry Konopski $9.50
SeptemberGwendolyn HajekGwendolyn Hajek $8.50
OctoberBrandi BrandtBrandi Brandt $8.50
NovemberPamela Jean SteinPamela Jean Stein $8.50
December India AllenIndia Allen $8.50
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JanuaryKimberly ConradKimberly Conrad $10.50
FebruaryKari KennellKari Kennell $8.50
MarchSusie OwensSusie Owens $8.50
AprilEloise BroadyEloise Broady $8.50
MayDiana LeeDiana Lee $8.50
June Emily ArthEmily Arth $8.50
JulyTerri Lynn DossTerri Lynn Doss $8.50
AugustHelle MichaelsenHelle Michaelsen $8.50
SeptemberLaura RichmondLaura Richmond $8.50
OctoberShannon LongShannon Long $8.50
NovemberPia ReyesPia Reyes $8.50
DecemberKata KarkkainenKata Karkkainen $8.50
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JanuaryFawna MaclarenFawna Maclaren $9.50
FebruarySimone EdenSimone Eden $9.50
MarchLaurie Jo WoodLaurie Jo Wood $8.50
AprilJennifer JacksonJennifer Jackson $8.50
MayMonique NoelMonique Noel $8.50
JuneTawni CableTawni Cable $8.50
JulyErika EleniakErika Eleniak $8.50
AugustGianna AmoreGianna Amore $9.50
SeptemberKarin and Mirjam Van BreeschootenKarin and Mirjam Van Breeschooten $10.50
OctoberKaren FosterKaren Foster $8.50
NovemberRenee TenisonRenee Tenison $8.50
DecemberPetra VerkaikPetra Verkaik $8.50
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JanuaryPeggy McIntaggartPeggy McIntaggart $8.50
FebruaryPamela AndersonPamela Anderson $21.50
MarchDeborah DriggsDeborah Driggs $8.50
AprilLisa MatthewsLisa Matthews $8.50
MayTina BockrathTina Bockrath $8.50
JuneBonnie MarinoBonnie Marino $8.50
JulyJacqueline SheenJacqueline Sheen $8.50
AugustMelissa EvridgeMelissa Evridge $8.50
SeptemberKerri KendallKerri Kendall $8.50
OctoberBrittany YorkBrittany York $8.50
NovemberLorraine OliviaLorraine Olivia $8.50
DecemberMorgan Fox Morgan Fox $8.50
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January Stacy Leigh ArthurStacy Leigh Arthur $8.50
FebruaryCristy ThomCristy Thom $8.50
MarchJulie Ann ClarkeJulie Ann Clarke $8.50
April Christina LeardiniChristina Leardini $8.50
MayCarrie Jean YazelCarrie Jean Yazel $8.50
JuneSaskia LinssenSaskia Linssen $8.50
JulyWendy KayeWendy Kaye $8.50
AugustCorinna HarneyCorinna Harney $8.50
SeptemberSamantha DormanSamantha Dorman $8.50
OctoberCheryl BachmanCheryl Bachman $8.50
NovemberTonja ChristensenTonja Christensen $8.50
DecemberWendy HamiltonWendy Hamilton $8.50
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JanuarySuzi SimpsonSuzi Simpson $8.50
FebruaryTanya BeyerTanya Beyer $8.50
MarchTylyn JohnTylyn John $8.50
AprilCady CantrellCady Cantrell $9.50
MayAnna Nicole Vickie SmithAnna Nicole Vickie Smith $24.50
JuneAngela MeliniAngela Melini $9.50
JulyAmanda HopeAmanda Hope $8.50
AugustAshley AllenAshley Allen $8.50
SeptemberMorena CorwinMorena Corwin $8.50
OctoberTiffany SloanTiffany Sloan $8.50
NovemberStephanie AdamsStephanie Adams $12.50
DecemberBarbara MooreBarbara Moore $12.50
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JanuaryEcho JohnsonEcho Johnson $9.50
February Jennifer LeRoyJennifer LeRoy $8.50
MarchKimberly DonleyKimberly Donley $8.50
AprilNicole WoodNicole Wood $8.50
MayElke JenisenElke Jenisen $9.50
JuneAlesha OreskovichAlesha Oreskovich $8.50
July Leisa SheridanLeisa Sheridan $8.50
AugustJennifer LavoieJennifer Lavoie $8.50
September Carrie WestcottCarrie Westcott $8.50
OctoberJenny McCarthyJenny McCarthy $8.50
NovemberJulianna YoungJulianna Young $8.50
DecemberArlene BaxterArlene Baxter $8.50
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JanuaryAnna-Marie GoddardAnna-Marie Goddard $8.50
February Julie Lynn CialiniJulie Lynn Cialini $9.50
MarchNeriah DavisNeriah Davis $8.50
AprilBecky De Los SantosBecky De Los Santos $8.50
MayShae MarksShae Marks $8.50
JuneElan CarterElan Carter $8.50
JulyTraci AdellTraci Adell $8.50
AugustMaria ChecaMaria Checa $8.50
SeptemberKelly GallagherKelly Gallagher $9.50
OctoberVictoria ZdrokVictoria Zdrok $8.50
NovemberDonna PerryDonna Perry $8.50
DecemberElisa BridgesElisa Bridges $8.50
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January Melissa HolidayMelissa Holiday $8.50
FebruaryLisa Marie ScottLisa Marie Scott $8.50
MarchStacy SanchesStacy Sanches $8.50
AprilDanelle FoltaDanelle Folta $8.50
MayCynthia BrownCynthia Brown $9.50
JuneRhonda AdamsRhonda Adams $8.50
JulyHeidi MarkHeidi Mark $8.50
AugustRachel Jean MarteenRachel Jean Marteen $8.50
SeptemberDonna D'ErricoDonna D’Errico $8.50
OctoberAlicia RickterAlicia Rickter $8.50
NovemberHolly WittHolly Witt $8.50
DecemberSamantha TorresSamantha Torres $8.50
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JanuaryVictoria FullerVictoria Fuller $8.50
FebruaryKona CarmackKona Carmack $8.50
MarchPriscilla Lee TaylorPriscilla Lee Taylor $8.50
AprilGillian BonnerGillian Bonner $8.50
MayShauna SandShauna Sand $8.50
JuneKarin TaylorKarin Taylor $9.50
JulyAngel Lynn BorisAngel Lynn Boris $8.50
AugustJessica LeeJessica Lee $8.50
September Jennifer AllanJennifer Allan $9.50
OctoberNadine ChanzNadine Chanz $8.50
NovemberUlrika EricssonUlrika Ericsson $8.50
DecemberVictoria SilvstedtVictoria Silvstedt $8.50
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January Jami FerrellJami Ferrell $8.50
February Kimber WestKimber West $8.50
MarchJennifer MiriamJennifer Miriam $8.50
AprilKelly MonacoKelly Monaco $8.50
MayLynn ThomasLynn Thomas $8.50
JuneCarrie StevensCarrie Stevens $8.50
JulyDaphnee Lynn DuplaixDaphnee Lynn Duplaix $8.50
AugustKalin OlsonKalin Olson $8.50
SeptemberNikki SchielerNikki Schieler $8.50
OctoberLayla RobertsLayla Roberts $8.50
November Inga DrozdovaInga Drozdova $8.50
DecemberKaren McDougalKaren McDougal $8.50
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JanuaryHeather KozarHeather Kozar $8.50
FebruaryJulia SchultzJulia Schultz $9.50
MarchMarliece AndradaMarliece Andrada $8.50
AprilHolly Joan HartHolly Joan Hart $8.50
MayDeanna BrooksDeanna Brooks $8.50
JuneMaria Luisa GilMaria Luisa Gil $9.50
JulyLisa DerganLisa Dergan $8.50
AugustAngela Little w ThunderbirdAngela Little w Thunderbird $8.50
SeptemberVanessa GleasonVanessa Gleason $8.50
OctoberLaura Lee CoverLaura Lee Cover $8.50
NovemberTiffany TaylorTiffany Taylor $8.50
DecemberDahm TripletsDahm Triplets $9.50
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JanuaryJamie BergmanJamie Bergman $8.50
FebruaryStacy Marie FusonStacy Marie Fuson $8.50
MarchAlexandra KarlsenAlexandra Karlsen $8.50
AprilNatalia SokolovaNatalia Sokolova $9.50
MayTishara CousinoTishara Cousino $8.50
June Kimberly SpicerKimberly Spicer $9.50
July Jennifer RoveroJennifer Rovero $8.50
AugustRebecca ScottRebecca Scott $8.50
SeptemberKristi ClineKristi Cline $8.50
OctoberJodi Ann PatersonJodi Ann Paterson $8.50
NovemberCara WakelinCara Wakelin $8.50
DecemberBrooke RichardsBrooke Richards $8.50
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JanuaryCarol and Darlene BernaolaCarol and Darlene Bernaola $8.50
FebruarySuzanne StokesSuzanne Stokes $8.50
MarchNicole Marie LenzNicole Marie Lenz $8.50
AprilBrande RoderickBrande Roderick $8.50
MayBrooke BerryBrooke Berry $8.50
JuneShannon StewartShannon Stewart $8.50
JulyNerfeteri SheperdNerfeteri Sheperd $8.50
AugustSummer AlticeSummer Altice $8.50
SeptemberKerissa FareKerissa Fare $8.50
OctoberNichole Van CroftNichole Van Croft $8.50
NovemberBuffy TylerBuffy Tyler $8.50
DecemberCara MichelleCara Michelle $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
January Irina VoroninaIrina Voronina $8.50
February Lauren Michelle HillLauren Michelle Hill $12.50
MarchMiriam GonzalezMiriam Gonzalez $8.50
AprilKatie LohmannKatie Lohmann $8.50
MayCrista NicoleCrista Nicole $8.50
JuneHeather SpytekHeather Spytek $8.50
JulyLimberly StanfieldLimberly Stanfield $8.50
AugustJennifer WalcottJennifer Walcott $8.50
SeptemberDalene KurtisDalene Kurtis $8.50
OctoberStephanie HeinrichStephanie Heinrich $8.50
NovemberLindsey VuoloLindsey Vuolo $8.50
DecemberShanna MoaklerShanna Moakler $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
JanuaryNicole NarainNicole Narain $8.50
FebruaryAnka RomenskyAnka Romensky $8.50
March Tina JordanTina Jordan $8.50
AprilHeather CarolinHeather Carolin $8.50
May Christi ShakeChristi Shake $8.50
JuneMichelle RogersMichelle Rogers $8.50
JulyLauren AndersonLauren Anderson $8.50
AugustChristina SantiagoChristina Santiago $8.50
SeptemberShallan MeiersShallan Meiers $8.50
OctoberTerri Harrison Terri Harrison $8.50
NovemberSerria TawanSerria Tawan $8.50
DecemberLani ToddLani Todd $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
JanuaryRebecca RamosRebecca Ramos $8.50
FebruaryCharis BoyleCharis Boyle $8.50
MarchPennelope JimenezPennelope Jimenez $9.50
AprilCarmella DeCesareCarmella DeCesare $8.50
MayLaurie Jo FetterLaurie Jo Fetter $8.50
JuneTailor JamesTailor James $8.50
JulyMarketa JanskaMarketa Janska $8.50
AugustColleen MarieColleen Marie $8.50
SeptemberLuci VictoriaLuci Victoria $8.50
OctoberAudra LynnAudra Lynn $8.50
NovemberDivini RaeDivini Rae $8.50
DecemberDeisy and Sarah TelesDeisy and Sarah Teles $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
JanuaryColleen Shannon Colleen Shannon $8.50
FebruaryAliya WolfAliya Wolf $8.50
MarchSandra HubbySandra Hubby $8.50
AprilKrista KellyKrista Kelly $8.50
May Nicole WhiteheadNicole Whitehead $8.50
JuneHiromi OshimaHiromi Oshima $8.50
JulyStephanie GlassenStephanie Glassen $8.50
AugustPilar LastraPilar Lastra $8.50
SeptemberScarlett KeaganScarlett Keagan $8.50
OctoberKimberly HollandKimberly Holland $8.50
NovemberCara ZavaletaCara Zavaleta $8.50
DecemberTiffany FallonTiffany Fallon $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
JanuaryDestiny DavisDestiny Davis $8.50
FebruaryAmber CampisiAmber Campisi $8.50
March Jillian GraceJillian Grace $8.50
AprilCourtney Rachel CulkinCourtney Rachel Culkin $8.50
May Jamie WestenhiserJamie Westenhiser $8.50
JuneKara MonacoKara Monaco $8.50
JulyQiana ChaseQiana Chase $8.50
August Tamara WittmerTamara Wittmer $8.50
September Vanessa HoelsherVanessa Hoelsher $8.50
OctoberAmanda PaigeAmanda Paige $8.50
NovemberRaquel GibsonRaquel Gibson $8.50
December Christine SmithChristine Smith $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
January Athena LundbergAthena Lundberg $8.50
FebruaryCassandra LynnCassandra Lynn $8.50
MarchMonica LeighMonica Leigh $8.50
AprilHolley Ann DorroughHolley Ann Dorrough $8.50
MayAlison WaiteAlison Waite $8.50
JuneStephanie LarimoreStephanie Larimore $8.50
JulySara Jean UnderwoodSara Jean Underwood $8.50
AugustNicole VossNicole Voss $8.50
September Janine HabeckJanine Habeck $8.50
OctoberJordan MonroeJordan Monroe $8.50
NovemberSarah ElizabethSarah Elizabeth $8.50
DecemberKia DraytonKia Drayton $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
January Jayde NicoleJayde Nicole $8.50
FebruaryHeather Rene SmithHeather Rene Smith $8.50
MarchTyran RichardTyran Richard $8.50
AprilGiuliana MarinoGiuliana Marino $8.50
MayShannon JamesShannon James $8.50
JuneBrittany BingerBrittany Binger $8.50
July Tiffany SelbyTiffany Selby $8.50
AugustTamara SkyTamara Sky $8.50
September Patrice HollisPatrice Hollis $8.50
OctoberSpencer ScottSpencer Scott $8.50
NovemberLindsay WagnerLindsay Wagner $8.50
DecemberSasckya PaztoSasckya Pazto $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
JanuarySandra NilsenSandra Nilsen $8.50
FebruaryMichelle McLaughlinMichelle McLaughlin $8.50
MarchIda LjungqvistIda Ljungqvist $8.50
AprilRegina DeutingerRegina Deutinger $8.50
MayAJ AlexanderAJ Alexander $8.50
June Juliette FretteJuliette Frette $8.50
JulyLaura CroftLaura Croft $8.50
AugustKayla CollinsKayla Collins $8.50
SeptemberValerie MasonValerie Mason $8.50
OctoberKelly CarringtonKelly Carrington $8.50
NovemberGrace KimGrace Kim $8.50
December Jennifer and Natalie Jo Campbell Jennifer and Natalie Jo Campbell $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
JanuaryDasha AstrafievaDasha Astrafieva $8.50
February Jessica BurciagaJessica Burciaga $8.50
MarchJennifer PershingJennifer Pershing $8.50
AprilHope DworaczykHope Dworaczyk $8.50
May Crystal McCahillCrystal McCahill $8.50
June Candace CassidyCandace Cassidy $8.50
July/August Karissa and Kristina ShannonKarissa and Kristina Shannon $8.50
SeptemberKimberly PhillipsKimberly Phillips $8.50
OctoberLindsey EvansLindsey Evans $8.50
NovemberKelley ThompsonKelley Thompson $8.50
DecemberCrystal HarrisCrystal Harris $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
January/February Jaime Edmondson and Heather Rae YoungJaime Edmondson and Heather Rae Young              Double Sided $12.50
MarchKyra MilanKyra Milan $8.50
AprilAmy AndrewsAmy Andrews $8.50
MayKassie Lyn LogsdonKassie Lyn Logsdon $8.50
JuneKatie VernolaKatie Vernola $8.50
JulyShanna McLaughlinShanna McLaughlin $8.50
AugustFrancesca FrigoFrancesca Frigo $8.50
SeptemberOlivia PaigeOlivia Paige $8.50
October Claire SinclairClaire Sinclair Promo Cologne $9.50
NovemberShera BechardShera Bechard $8.50
DecemberAshley HobbsAshley Hobbs $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
JanuaryAnna BerglundAnna Berglund $8.50
FebruaryKylie JohnsonKylie Johnson $8.50
March Ashley MattinglyAshley Mattingly $9.50
AprilJaclyn SwedbergJaclyn Swedberg $8.50
MaySasha BonilovaSasha Bonilova $8.50
JuneMei-Ling LamMei-Ling Lam $8.50
July Jessa HintonJessa Hinton $8.50
August Iryna IvanovaIryna Ivanova $8.50
SeptemberTiffany TothTiffany Toth $8.50
October Amanda CernyAmanda Cerny $8.50
NovemberCiara PriceCiara Price $8.50
DecemberRainy Day JordanRainy Day Jordan $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
January/FebruaryHeather Knox and Laola BellHeather Knox and Laola Bell $8.50
MarchLisa SeiffertLisa Seiffert $8.50
AprilRaquel PomplinRaquel Pomplin $8.50
MayNikki LeighNikki Leigh $8.50
JuneAmelia TalonAmelia Talon $8.50
July/AugustBeth Williams and Shelby ChesnesBeth Williams and Shelby Chesnes $8.50
SeptemberAlana CamposAlana Campos $8.50
OctoberPamela HortonPamela Horton $8.50
NovemberBritany NolaBritany Nola $8.50
DecemberAmanda StreichAmanda Streich $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
JanuaryKarina Marie $8.50
February Shawn DillonShawn Dillon $8.50
March Ashley DorisAshley Doris $8.50
April Jaslyn OmeJaslyn Ome $8.50
MayKristen NicoleKristen Nicole $8.50
JuneAudrey AllenAudrey Allen $8.50
JulyAlyssa ArceAlyssa Arce $8.50
AugustVal KeilVal Keil $8.50
SeptemberBryiana NoelleBryiana Noelle $8.50
OctoberCarly LaurenCarly Lauren $8.50
NovemberGemma Lee FarrellGemma Lee Farrell $8.50
DecemberKenedy SummersKennedy Summers $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
JanuaryRoos van MontfortRoos van Montfort $8.50
FebruaryAmanda BoothAmanda Booth $8.50
MarchBritt LinnBritt Linn $8.50
AprilShanice JordynShanice Jordyn $8.50
MayDani MathersDani Mathers $8.50
JuneJessica AshleyJessica Ashley $8.50
JulyEmily AgnesEmily Agnes $8.50
AugustMaggie MayMaggie May $8.50
SeptemberStephanie BrantonStephanie Branton $8.50
OctoberRoxanna JuneRoxanna June $8.50
NovemberGia MarieGia Marie $8.50
DecemberElizabeth OstranderElizabeth Ostrander $8.50
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(Hover over photo for details)
JanuaryBrittny WardBrittny Ward $8.50
FebruaryKayslee CollinsKayslee Collins $8.50
MarchChelsie ArynChelsie Aryn $8.50
AprilAlexandra TylerAlexandra Tyler $8.50
MayBrittany BrousseauBrittany Brousseau $8.50
June Kaylia CassandraKaylia Cassandra $8.50
JulyKayla Rae ReidKayla Rae Reid $8.50
AugustDominique Jane SharpeDominique Jane Sharpe $8.50
SeptemberMonica SimsMonica Sims $8.50
OctoberAna CheriAna Cheri $8.50
NovemberRachel HarrisRachel Harris $8.50
DecemberEugena WashingtonEugena Washington $8.50