Doodle Dan's Story

Story of Doodle Dan

Doodle Dan was born into indentured servitude at a puppy mill in south central Texas. He was part of a litter destined to be sold to unscrupulous pet stores, and individuals who don’t realize the damage done by puppy mills.

From the beginning the people at this vile operation knew that Dan was different. He had a shrewd eyed prowess in marketing, and he was wearing a very stylish bowler hat, cocked at a jaunty angle. It appeared on his head within 24 hours of his birth. No one could figure out where his hats came from, but each time he outgrew one a new one suddenly appeared. Rumor has it they are ordered from an exclusive milliner operating from London’s Savile Row. It is said, that the design is custom-made for him with extra ear room on the sides and the craftsman who makes them is forbidden to sell Dan’s signature hat to anyone else.

The despicable owners of this puppy mill quickly realized that in Dan, they had found the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg, when Dan was observed selling feeding positions to the other puppies in his litter. He quickly rose through the ranks at the canine prison and at three months old was the youngest alpha in history. He ruled with a quiet dignity and a keen intellect in place of brute strength. His goal was always to do everything he could to improve the quality of life for his fellow inmates. (For those wondering, Dan regrets that he doesn’t know Brian Griffin, as Brian was born on a ranch near Austin, TX. which was some 100 miles away)

Sadly, Dan was born with a crippling deformity that strikes 100% of all canines. He had no thumbs. Lacking the ability to open his cage door or the kibble bin, he was forced to do the bidding of the loathsome puppy mill owners. (Several escape attempts were thwarted since the lack of thumbs greatly impeded his ability to drive a car, or hitchhike).

The scum put him in charge of all marketing for the operation, and in the end this would prove to be their downfall. Using a series of carefully coded and encrypted messages Dan was able to contact the authorities and alert them to his illegal incarceration. Soon the puppy mill was shut down in a daring early morning raid by special forces. After Dan was freed, he was given command of a squad that quickly secured the area, incurring zero casualties due to his cunning and natural leadership.

The commander of the special forces operation, offered Dan a permanent position as a command and logistics officer, but Dan knew that his true calling lie elsewhere and after politely declining the offer, he put himself up for adoption.

It was at this juncture that his life took a turn for the better. During the adoption process he would meet his lifelong business partner and favorite human in the world, Kathy. For Dan and Kathy, it was love at first sight. He immediately knew this was a human he could trust to care for him and help him reach his full potential. He doffed his hat, gave her a hug and warm handshake, then replaced the chapeau and informed her he would be waiting in the car. From that moment on, the two were inseparable.

Dan had been “Living Rough” for most of his young life, so as you might imagine, there was a brief adjustment period, during which he learned that indoor plumbing did not work everywhere in the house and that there was such a thing as a “walk”. Walks produced such unbridled joy that Dan would frequently break into a happy puppy dance.

In his new forever home, Dan flourished quickly, setting up shop and beginning to lay the groundwork to launch Doodle Dan’s deals, The website you find yourself on today. He could combine his love of fine collectibles, with his formidable marketing skills in a way he had only dreamed of before. Using a custom greyscale monitor, and a special keyboard created with his own “Paw-ergonomic” (patent pending) keys, he designed this website for your shopping pleasure.

Doodle Dan invites you to peruse his wares and find the perfect gift collectible, whether it is for yourself or for someone else. He guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, and cordially welcomes you to his world.

Though the story above was slightly embellished…

The real Doodle Dan, is a beautiful charcoal  and silver Goldendoodle, whose name is actually Wilson Andrew Casey.  He was indeed a puppy mill rescue from Kerrville Texas. He was one of the many goldendoodles removed from the facility when the abhorrent conditions were brought to light. Though this puppy mill was closed, many more still operate.

On the day Wilson met Kathy, it really was love at first sight and he immediately wanted to go home with her. He was an abused, frightened pup and it took a lot of patient work to undo the damage that was done to Wilson throughout his early life.

He now lives in a wonderful loving home where he is doted on by Kathy and her partner, Leo. Due to Leo’s facial hair, Wilson is fairly convinced that Leo is a talking dog with thumbs. Wilson and his family encourage you to please adopt. There are many wonderful pets who are looking for forever homes. When it comes to pets, there is never a reason to shop when you can adopt.

Wilson Andrew Casey Whose Alias is Doodle Dan